What is art?

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When I was a child, I always thought that “ART” is something really amazing, outstanding, unique, and hard to create. With a child’s mind, art Is a definition comes from outer space and artist Is an alien, art does not exist in my normal life. However, time flies, when I grow up day by day, I saw many beautiful things which can be called “ART”. It is not necessary pictures, sculptures, or artworks created by famous artists performed In the gallery ND museum.

It does not need to follow any rules and standards which is set by people. Art, for me, can be an childish chalk picture drawn on the backyard by my cousins, can be a wonderful meal my mom cooks every day, can be my dad’s welcome garden view, or can be a cute handmade birthday card from my friend. Art is Orlando and presents everywhere in our life. In my opinion, those things can be considered as art Just because the creators used their hearts not their talent.

I believe that the artist success when he puts not only his heart, but also all of his effort and passion, his mind and soul into what he is creating. For example, my mom’s meal definitely is an art because she did put all her love to every dish she made with the hope our family can enjoy the food, the time we eat together, and especially the love we share. She did her best for the family, that is the reason makes her meal is meaningful and artful. “ART” is simple like that.

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