What Are The Risks Of Inadequate Nutrition For The Clients You Have Chosen

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Being inadequately nourished can present loads of problems and risks. People become inadequately nourished when they do not eat sensibly or have any kind of healthy diet. A healthy diet would consist of foods from all of the food groups and it would all be in the right proportions, that way the body receives all of the required amounts to stay healthy.

Obesity results from eating too much food. Any food that is eaten in excess will ultimately be converted to fat and stored in the body, which leads to overweight and obesity. Type 2 diabetes, also known as late or adult onset diabetes, is today seen in children as young as 9 years old. It is caused by eating too much fat and sugar in the diet. The pancreas is either unable to produce enough insulin to allow the cells to absorb glucose from the blood or the body

becomes resistant to the insulin that is produced.

Being under or mal nourished means to not eat all of the necessary nutrients the body starts to feel the effects, it is more common in third world countries because there is a lot of poverty.

There are two conditions that are often associated with undernutrition and they normally affect children the worst. The conditions are called Kwashiorkor and Marasmus,

Kwashiorkor Symptoms

* Hardly any protein in diet

* Always Tired

* Irritable

* No Energy

* Stunted Growth

* Loss Of Muscles

* The stomach often sticks out

Marasmus Symptoms

* Happens because of infection in the digestive tract

* Low weight and stunted growth

* There is a vitamin deficiency

* People look shrunken

* Child is thirsty

* Happens at a young age

Lacking certain vitamins and minerals can cause specific deficiencies for example the body may feel exhausted if it is lacking iron because iron is needed to produce red blood cells that help transport oxygen.

Beri Beri is the condition associated with lacking in vitamin B there are many signs but not all may appear at the same time, some of the signs are listed below:

* Headaches, E

* Eczema,

* Tiredness,

* Poor Memory

* Acne,

* Insomnia

* Depression.

Another condition of vitamin deficiency is rickets it happens when the body doesn’t have enough vitamin D. It is common in everyone except for adults. The symptoms are long bones and small chests.

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