What are the macro-environmental forces within Marketing

Macro- environment
There are six main forces that have an impact on marketing in a macro environment, which include Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political and Cultural. These are uncontrollable external forces that a firm considers to better understand the threats and opportunities that may affect how the firm operates.
The natural resources needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities.
=>shortages of raw materials such as oil and coal which have been depleted through industrial expansion.
The Size, growth rate, age , sex etc. of population, Family size, Economic stratification of population, Educational and religion. These all affect the marketing strategies used by marketers.
Altering technology could affect the demand for a firms products and services. Technological changes may create new opportunities for the firm, or threaten the survival of a product, firm or industry. Technological innovation continues to move at an increasingly rapid rate.
Impact marketing of a business through tax prices, government issue safety regulation, price and distribution regulations and trade agreements and tariffs- may affect supply and demand chains
lifestyles and values that characterise the society in which the firm operates. They include anything within the context of society that affect an organisation.
=>environmental, consciousness, norms, values, attitudes.
Market boom, recession or growing inflation problems can all change the way an organisation plans for future and operates in present.
=>GPD, rate of inflation, consumer price index, unemployment and interest rates.
Pizza Hut -D
Taking into account the demographic of New Zealand. Looking at the size of demographic if there is enough people to increase sales. Providing options that will appeal to a wide demographic.
=>options like Veggie, gluten, dairy free to appeal to smaller segmentations
Pizza Hut -P
Health and safety regulations to a high standard as consumers will be attracted to the company if they know the quality is high. Labeling regulations i.e Calorie information
Pizza Hut -E
Consumers will be more attracted to company if it is economically reasonable with product prices.
=>creating special deals and promotions
Pizza Hut -T
Introducing technological aspects for company e.g online ordering, delivery time apps. This creates faster service and decreases labour costs.
=>Marketing through technology like facebook and Instagram.

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