WH 6th Mrs.Wilson Winds notes

Question Answer
______ in _____ is the highest point in the North Eastern United States Mount Washington New Hampsire
___________ exstends for Qubacic ; Canada to Alabama Appalachian Mountain System
The highest mountain in the Appalachain Moutain is __________ in________________ Mount Michael North Carolina
The greatest windspeed was measured at the Earth's surface was ___ kilometers per hour at the top of _____________ 370 Mount Washington
The Appalachain Mountain System extends from ______;_______ to __________ Qubacic;Canada Alabama
A hurricane begins at ___ mph 74
Because air is a _____ , it can move _____ fluid easily
the force that makes airmoveis caused by a difference of _______ ________ air pressure
the rising and falling and rising and falling is called convention
____________ are winds that blow continusly in the same direction and are createdby an uneven heating Global winds
_____ __ ________ are winds that blow over short distances and change daily Surface or local winds
named for a french mathamation who studied winds coriolis effect
as the earth rotates it creates and bends global wind patterns coriolis effect
________ is a horizontal movement of air from one area of high pressure to an area of low pressure wind
all ____ are caused by a difference in air pressure winds
Air over_______ surface expand and become less dense heated
as the air becomes less dense, the air pressure ________ decreases
_____ _____ air has more air pressure cool dense
____ air flows under _____ air cool warm
wind can determine what ______ really feels like tempature
it takes more energy to warm _____ than to warm _______ water land
________ is a wind that blows from an ocean onto land sea breeze
_________ is a air from land to a body of water Land breeze
______ warms and cools faster than _______ land water

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