Wellness Services in the Workplace

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Research and evidence has proved that these types of wellness programs have turned out to be successful for the employees as well as the company. They attempt to improve the lifestyle of the employees because most chronic diseases result because of the unhealthy lifestyle practices of these people. Such types of diseases include cancer, diabetes, arthritis and these people are also more prone to heart attacks. If the lifestyle of people is changed or made healthier then these types of diseases could be prevented.

Employees are properly educated in the wellness programs about healthier lifestyle practices which improve their quality of life and also reduce the financial costs of the companies who spend on their costly treatments. The wellness services also include screening programs which help in detecting the disease or factors associated with the disease so that the treatment could be provided as early as possible. Due to this the disease does not becomes severe and the costs are also saved (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004). Introduction

It is rightly said that employees are the most important assets of an organization and therefore, organizations should take every possible means and procedures to preserve, maintain and retain their

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assets which bring future growth and success to the organization. The most important task facing businesses today is to train and develop their employees which constitute the human resource of an organization. Without this, it is impossible to continue with the daily activities and work and the organization will stop working.

Employees face a number of physical, mental and psychological health problems which create problems not only for them but for the organization they are working for as well. This is why organizations are showing increasing interest in the health of their workers and provide wellness services so that they can work with increased productivity and lower absenteeism. This topic is highly pertinent to the course of ‘training and development of human resources’ since caring about the well-being of the employees is a part of their development.

An organization takes the responsibility to develop their employees in every possible way so that they come up with new and innovative ideas, increase their productivity while doing work and generate better results. This will in turn benefit the organization and foster growth and success (Anderson, 1999). Organizations are becoming aware of this fact that experienced and committed employees are hard to find so firing such employees facing personal and health issues is not the solution to the problem.

Instead, they have taken a number of initiatives to address the employees’ issues so that they don’t end up losing their quality employees. Wellness services are being provided to deal with a number of issues which employees are facing in organizations like stress, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, obesity to mention a few. By providing these services, the organizations actually lower the cost of their health-care because once the problems are solved then they won’t have to spend much on the health-care benefits.

The cost of doing business decreases and consequently, employee productivity increases and absenteeism decreases which brings greater profits and success to the organization. Therefore, wellness services at workplace are clearly a part of the training and development of the human resources and thus, the research is going to focus on this topic (Anderson & Anderson, 1988). The paper will first explain what is actually meant by wellness services and what are they intended to accomplish in an organization. The importance of developing and implementing such services in organizations is explained in detail.

Through wellness services not only employee productivity is increased but also rising health costs are also decreased which is the point of interest for the organizations. Some interesting facts are presented in this regard. After explaining this point, the paper further describes how organizations should go about developing wellness programs for their employees and explain the different activities that can be used to indulge employees in healthier lifestyle practices. Finally, the benefits of pursuing wellness programs for organizations are explained and the paper ends with a conclusion to the entire discussion.

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