Wellness in Obesity
Wellness in Obesity

Wellness in Obesity

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  • Published: November 18, 2021
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Health Wellness Program

In recent years the world has evolved on many platforms mainly because of the activities of human beings and their perception on many things. People have paid too much attention to their jobs and have forgotten about their health. This has led to people eating foods high in cholesterol because it is the fastest means of food available for them so that they can return to work. This has resulted to one of the world’s greatest silent disaster which has come in the form of obesity (Breiner, et al, 2013). Obesity is generally referred to as the excessive fat gain or being grossed overweight. The program is to tackle with this excessive weight or deal with this excessive weight in the world as it is now.

Goals and Objectives

The program is meant to come up with ways and strategies to tackle obesity for those with it and at the same time it prevents it for those who are living in the fast food system (Kruzliak, et al, 2016). It will be difficult to outré a trend that has been going on and it has been incorporated into people’s lives as a part of it. However, the prog


ram aims at replacing the heavy cholesterol foods with salads and introducing systems of keeping fit that people will cope with even as they continue to work (Breiner, et al, 2013). The program is also set to educate people on the importance of being in a perfect state of health. It is meant to show people that life would be much better with a manageable weight and a flexible body. Actually, most people agree but they find it difficult to quit the eating habits of high cholesterol foods and to lose weight.

Prior Evaluation by Previous Authors

Obesity has been observed from the very start of its rise to what it has grown to be now. Initially, it was not seen as a threat but it was still noted to be a factor that needed to be addressed. However, this did not happen until now that it is too late and it has already become a challenge. There have been people who addressed the problem in its initial stages but the action was not taken immediately (Breiner, et al, 2013).

Points of Evaluation

The authors had addressed the issue on various platforms and evaluated the areas where it would be of influence at the moment and in future (Breiner, et al, 2013). The authors addressed several issues with respect to obesity and the effects it had and would have in future. The authors addressed the issue on the influence obesity had on peoples’ lives by making them less active and making them physically unfit. The activity level of people dropped when faced with obesity and their question here was why it made people inactive. They also questioned the effects and influence that obesity had on the economy of the world as a whole. They also asked why it was

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difficult to avoid obesity given the changes that were and would take place in the world (Kruzliak, et al, 2016). Their research pointed out the specific areas that would be affected by obesity and they also asked about the effects of obesity within the family. The authors looked into these issues by researching about them and came up with strategic ways of understanding these issues.

Main Findings

After researching about obesity, its effects and how to cope with it has been realized that all obesity has negative effects on the society as a whole from an individual level and to the nation. It was identified that obesity causes the economy to depreciate because of a large number of people who are not flexible enough to work. These people end up only consuming and doing nothing but engaging in consumption (Kruzliak, et al, 2016). The obese individuals cannot generate any income for themselves so they are useless to the economy because they only consume what others have worked for. Such individuals are the ones who end up dragging the country behind and bring about poverty for their families. Obese people are initially normal before they gain weight and when they do they provide a challenge to the health sector too and thus they bring about problems in the medical sector that did not exist before. It was discovered though that obesity is caused by a form of addiction to high cholesterol foods like fries and chicken (Kruzliak, et al, 2016).

Evaluation Critique

The evaluation to know the way forward in tackling obesity and determining the effects it has on the society, individual and economy there were various strengths and weaknesses. For one the evaluation had the upper advantage of being in a position to receive information readily because fast food restraints were all over (Kruzliak, et al, 2016). At the workplaces, it was easy for the employers to give out the details of problems they were facing from obese workers. Even so, the study still faced a big problem talking to the obese individuals because most of them were shy to agree to face the fact that they were gross fat.

Mini-Evaluation plan
1. What is Obesity?
2. What is the main cause for Obesity?
3. How can Obesity be avoided?
4. How can it be dealt with if one has it?
5. What are the individual, marital, economic and social disadvantages of being obese?


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