Weight Management PPT Questions

Where did the Ketogenic Diet originate?
The Mayo Clinic
What is the Ketogenic Diet ratio?
Which is not a potential side effect of the Ketogenic Diet?
bladder infection
In what year did the tapeworm diet first appear in advertisement in the US?
Why is the tapeworm diet banned in the US today?
it has detrimental effects on the body
How does the tapeworm diet work?
-the tapeworm is ingested
-the tapeworm attaches to intestine and fees on consume food
-tapeworm continues to grow and process continues until tapeworm excreted
Which of these is a claim of the Juice Cleanse Diet?
-reset your system to crave healthy foods
-detoxify your body
-ease digestion
Who coined the phrase “That’s the power of the juice!”?
Jack Lalanne
What nutrient is lost in the process of juicing fruits and vegetables?
insoluble fiber
What foods are allowed during the Full Moon phase? (Warewolve)
-fruit and vegetable juices
When is the best time to start the diet? (Warewolve)
full moon
How long does the extended diet last? (Warewolve)
27 days
While following the Hollywood Cookie Diet, how many cookie are you allowed to eat per day?
Which of the following foods is/are prohibited while on the Hollywood Cookie Diet?
none of the above
How many calories does the Hollywood cookie diet recommend for a “light and sensible dinner”?
The grapefruit diet is known as the _____ diet?
Hollywood diet
Who promoted the grapefruit diet?
Mayo Clinic
How many calories are you restricted to on the grapefruit diet?
What does the grapefruit diet claims to have___that’s why it works?
magic fat burning enzyme
What are you not allowed to have on the grapefruit diet?
What does the clean eating diet limit/restrict?
-BHT and BHA
What are the names of the two people known for the popularization of clean eating?
-Diane Welland
-Tosco Reno
What is not a guideline for clean eating?
-consume added salt, sugar, and fat to add flavor
What is the ultimate goal of The Ideal Protein Diet?
maintain a stable weight after dieting
What is the principle method through which weight loss is successful in The Ideal Protein Diet?
training the body to live off of its fat stores
All of the following are disadvantages of The Ideal Protein Diet except?
non-invasive, no surgery or pills
What food item is not allowed in the first phase? (atkins)
How many grams of net carbs are allowed in Phase 1? (atkins)
When is physical activity recommended in Atkin’s diet?
Phase 2
Who is the author of Slim-fast?
S. Daniel Abraham
How many calories does a person on Slim-fast typically consume?
1200 kcal/day
What is the guideline for Slim-fast during a day?
3 snacks, 2 shakes, and 1 meal
Which side effects may occur to being on the Slim-fast diet?
What is a claim made about Slim-fast?
-1-2lbs dropped every week
-4 hour hunger control
In the volumetric diet certain foods are banned?
A diet heavy in which categories is recommended in volumetric diet?
1 and 2
What is Owsley Stanley’s significance in the zero carb diet?
ate free of all plant foods for 50 years
On a strict zero carb diet, what can you eat?
What was Dr. Newbold’s belief on the zero carb diet?
some people weren’t equipped to handle “new foods”
Who is the author of the zone diet?
Barry Sears
What are the macronutrient ratios of the zone diet?
40 CHO; 30 Fat; 30 PRO
What foods are off limits in the zone diet?
there are none
Who should take caution when following the zone diet?
high endurance athletes
The zone diet favors?
low glycemic carbs
80/10/10 is a diet consisting of?
80% carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein
Who wrote the book 80/10/10?
Dr. Douglas Graham
80/10/10 guidelines are?
sweet fruits during day, large salad at night
Which of these is on the list of allowed foods on the paleo diet?
Which of these is on the list of foods not allowed on the paleo diet?
white beans
which of these foods is allowed on the paleo diet?
What food product would not be recommended in a macrobiotic diet?
sriracha sauce
What does “-biotic” mean?
pertaining to life
The macrobiotic diet is adequate in which of the following nutrients?
According to the Jenny Craig diet: Loosing weight is as simple as restricting_____?
calories, fat, and proportions
Who designs the menu for Jenny Craig?
a team of accredited dietitians
Your diet is designed based on which three things for Jenny Craig?
motivation, current weight, activity level
Who was the founder of Weight Watchers?
jean Nidetch
Circle the pro(s) of Weight watchers
-teaches portion control
-offers support and counseling sessions
Circle the con(s) of Weight Watchers.
-no RD’s involved
Weight Watchers has 3 programs offered:
fit points, beyond the scale, smart points
What is the claim of weight watchers?
“You’ll drop two pounds weekly”

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