Week 9 Management Skills

What is influence?
exercising power to change others’ behaviors, attitudes, and/or values
What is Power?
the potential to influence another
Why do influence tactics matter?
-getting a buy-in for ideas/initiatives
-inducing other to comply with work-related requests
-resolving work-related requests
-guiding others
-central to other key managerial skills, including teamwork, networking, conflict resolution, and negotiation
What are the types of influence tactics?
Interpersonal and Procedural
Interpersonal influence?
influencing other group members
Procedural influence?
influencing the way that the group as a whole makes decisions or gets things done
Techniques for communicating your message persuasively and for managing your impact on and relations with other individuals in the group.
What do you say and to who?
What is Interpersonal influence
Techniques for influencing the rules or procedures used to exchange information and aggregate individual preferences.
Managing the group as a whole
What is procedural influence
Examples of Interpersonal Tactics?
-Establish your credibility: make yourself seem more trustworthy than others
-Frame for common ground: describe the advantages of your perspectives and highlight the similarities between your interests and those of others to make allies
-Provide evidence: provide not only date, but also vivid examples, stories, and analogies to support your view
-connect emotionally: don’t be too emotional, but appeal to the audience’s emotions
What is compliance?
action that is taken only because it has been requested
Generating compliance?
process of getting others to say yes to a request, science of getting what you asked for
Compliance professional
individuals whose business of financial well-being is dependent on their ability to induce compliance (ex. salesperson, fundraiser)
Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence
1. reciprocity
2. social validation
3. commitment/consistency
4. friendship/liking
5. scarcity
6. authority
What is reciprocity?
every society trains its members to live by this rule; which obliges people to give back in the form of behavior they received
Examples of reciprocity?
-donations, someone gives you a flower and asks for money
-door-in-the-face technique, someone asks an EXTREME request which will most likely get rejected, then said person asks for a more moderate favor that is usually accepted
-thats-not-all technique, someone makes the first offer, but before person can respond, second offer is provided, offer-er betters the deal with an additional item of a price reduction
What is social validation?
we are more likely to participate or agree to something if our peers are complying. We view behavior is correct in a situation in the degree in which we see others performing it.
Comply with what the norm of people are doing
What is commitment/consistency?
after committing oneself to a position, one should be more willing to comply with requests for behaviors that are consistent with the position
Examples of commitment consistency?
-Four walls technique – asking several questions to which the customer will say yes to each and every one of them. Final questions is what you want the answer-er to answer with a yes. Build up to it
-Foot in door technique- ask for a small favor that is certain to be granted, followed by a larger, related request.
-Bait and switch – offer something and have someone come out to you to claim offer, say offer is not valid, person has committed to coming out to see you so they will stay and buy something else
-Low ball technique – proceeds by obtaining commitment to an action and then increasing the cost of performing the action
Give me 4 examples of commitment/consistency techniques
Four walls technique
foot in the door technique
bait and switch technique
low ball technique
What is friendship/liking?
people are more inclined in servicing the needs of those they know and like.
Also includes
-physical attractiveness
What is scarcity?
opportunities that seem more valuable to us when they are less available, even when it’s for a product we usually don’t care for.
We are inclined to secure those opportunities that are scarce and/or dwindling
Examples of scarcity?
Limited number tactic and deadline technique
What is authority?
we are more inclined to listen and agree with authority, a person in a position of power.
Examples of authority?
a cop, a doctor, we put faith in these members of the community
Controlling what goes on the agenda (which issues to consider), influencing the group norms (allow criticism), and shaping how decisions are made (secret ballot/open ballot, majority rule) are examples of?
Procedural Influence Tactics
What does Fonda utilize with regards to influence?
-creates personal accountability – makes a team decision an individual decision
– secret ballot – relieves public/peer pressure to conform
Uses reciprocity – gives up his vote
minimizes consequences of vote – voting not guilty only means to stay and talk it out not having to change their original vote
Procedural Tactics used in 12 Angry Men?
– who sits where
-who speaks when
-timing of vote
-voting format (public/private)
-decision rule
What are the 4 group dynamics?
-Group polarization
-social loafing
What is group polarization?
tendency for decisions and opinions of people in a group setting to become more extreme than their actual, privately held beliefs
What is groupthink?
the tendency for members of a group to value the group consensus and cohesion over the critical evaluation of the quality of the decision
What is social loafing?
tendency for individuals to exert less effort to achieve a goal when they work in a group than when they work independently
What is conformity?
a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with the group

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