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The purpose for this website is to keep all the home owners at North Hills community updated on current events and issues that are occurring in the private community. This will be a central site that every home owner will have access to base on information about the community. The site is need to inform all home owners of any events, news, and schedules for the club house. This helps reduce any confusion of informing by home owners and reduce memos and letters being mailed out to home wners for any little update.

Its starts to become spam mall at their house after a while. This site will be useful because this would be the central location for everyone to go to. Instead of calling the receptionist or asking a fellow neighbor, simply by going to the site the information is at their fingertips. Having the site is a quick update and everyone would know quicker than by mailing memos to home owner. The type of audiences would be home owners from the community. The location of which majority would be from home access and others from general offices.

The site would be accessed about 200 – 300 home owners at any given time. The average age of the audience is about 30 – 65 years old. They are familiar with using internet and computers. The insight of developing this site is to make It as simple as possible to navigate and read. The audience would get easily inpatient if they cannot understand or be able to read the font size on their browsers. The navigation Is key to making this site successful so they can with easy go from page to page. Site Map

The Interactive features that I would Ilke to be added to my website would be social media, blog and newsletter. The purpose of adding the social media such as Facebook and Tweeter is to use it to launch from the site those social media sites. attract those clients to read what the site has to offer. I would have also liked to add a blog for the clients to add their thoughts and share any ideas between each other. The newsletter section I have added to the site. The purpose of this is to have a one stop section for the clients to read any news that has been posted.

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