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World Wide Web, it was centered around a top-down approach to the use of the web and the user interface. On 1989, Tim Burners-Lee envisioned a global information space where people and machines could equally exchange and exploit information rich in semantic value. The first web browser was created on October 1990, and the first web server was created on November 1990. The WWW (World Wide Web) was first launched in 1991 and was called as The Internet at first.

Users can only view the websites but can’t contribute o it, so basically they’re like the consumers of content. The information in WEB 1. 0 are closed to external editing and not dynamic since they’re only editable only by the webmaster, it’s also updated infrequently. It actually resembles a global file system of documents rather than information space that it was actually created for. This is because of the untapped hyperlinks that fail to disclose semantic relationships. The web composed mostly of interlinked hypertext documents and have images, navigation icons, text, and menus.

At those times, the people’s only option was to acquire information from infrequently updated, statistic web page of limited user interactions such as emails that were sent through HTML form, forums, information searching, etc. Forms submitting and dynamic applications were the few of the few interactivity from the WEB 1. 0. Elements of a WEB 1. 0 site usually include information that’s displayed as static content, frames, tables in HTML coding and align elements on a page, and GIF buttons to promote web browsers and other product.

The writing style of web pages were impersonal, professional, descriptive, and statements of fact tit minimal, unchanging, little interaction between sites are the linking structure. At first, the websites only have simple texts, hyperlinks, with black words and white background with no pictures, but at the late WEB 1. 0 era, there are more colors, with images, and various text types and colors with much more elements that are interesting and looks better than before. Nowadays, the majority of internet users are utilizing functions that are based on the ideal of WEB 2. . WEB 2. 0 was first introduced in the market by Reilly. With WEB 2. , internet user contribute a major portion of information that are now in the internet, it is also much easier to use. The function expectations of web page has changed completely. The phrase WEB 2. 0 was made because of the use of bi- directional communication of it in 2003, WEB 2. 0 provides the ability to find the required keyword through keyword search feature. WEB 2. 0 can also link information together to a meaningful information network, external editing in blobs, posts, and even comments.

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