weather unit test study guide

clouds form when __________ occurs

_______________is when a puddle dries up

what runs the water cycle?
the sun

four types of precipitation
rain,snow,sleet,and hail

what is the formation of rain?

what are the four forms of the water cycle?
evaporation,condensation,and precipitation

how does the water cycle help earth?
there has been the same amount of water on earth for billions of years

what are the four main forms of clouds from lowest to highest?
stratus,cumulus,and cirrus clouds

Know the difference b/t Cirrus and Cumulus Clouds (Appearance)
Cirrus Clouds are highest in the sky. Cumulus clouds become thick and dark before it rains.

Fog are really low _________ clouds.

_____________ is the blanket of air that covers Earth?

_______ is the force of air pushing on an area?
Air Pressure

______ measures how much water vapor is in the air?

______ is the very thin layer closest to Earth where all of Earth’s weather takes place?

________ is when temperatures get warmer than Troposphere?

_____ is when temperatures begin to get colder in this layer?

______ are very cold temperatures?

_______ measure air pressure?

_____ measures wind speed?

______ measures amount of precipitation?
Rain Gauge

______ measures the direction of the wind?
Wind vane

______ measures changes in temperature?

A front is?
A front is where weather changes. It is the boundary between 2 air masses.

warm fronts form when?
warm air pushes into cooler air and brings steady rain. The temperatures rises after the rain stops.

Cold fronts form when?
when a cold air mass pushes under a warm air mass.

A stationary front is?
a boundary b/t air masses that are not moving.

Most weather fronts move from?
West to East

Meteorologists look at temperature, wind speed, air pressure, and wind directions to?
predict the weather

Meteorologists use ____ on a weather map?

High Pressure Systems and Low Pressure Systems
Big (H) and Big (L)

Be able to identify symbols used to represent fronts on a weather map
Sun, rain, fog, etc.

To stay safe during a thunderstorm?
Stay inside

A ____ is a rapidly spinning column of air that touches the ground during a thunderstorm.

A tornado can destroy houses on one side of the street and not?
the other

hurricanes form over _____ water in the ocean?

Hurricanes are?
Clearly visible on radar and satellite and can be tracked.

What are the difference b/t weather and climate?
Weather is what is happening outside at any given time and Climate is the average weather patterns, temp, and precipitation.

Global winds move air b/t the _______?
equator and the poles.

Polar regions are?
Cold climates with low precipitation.

Tropical regions are?
near the equator. Warm, humid, and rainy

Temperate regions are?
lie b/t tropical and polar regions. Often have 4 seasons

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