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In most case, many people read the history of Vietnam War in relation to how the American army was fairing in the war. However, they fail to read about the social movements that were opposing the war with other policies and why they were opposing. For this reason, the book ‘We are Everywhere’ by Jerry Rubin offer readers with this historical information. This is a two hundred and fifty five paged book published by Harper and Row in 1971. Rubin, who was an activist, wrote this book while he was in prison with the help of his lawyer who sneaking out the pages of the book from prison. In the book, Rubin is using his hatred against the government to show the side of social movements who were opposing the Vietnam War and other policies. Therefore, in the book, Rubin is using his anger towards government policies to show the facts of social movements.


The book is about the different events Rubin was going through when he was out fighting the government against some of the policies. In this case, the book provides what led to the formation of this social movement to fight the government against the Vietnam War and other policies (Rubin75). Additionally, the book shows the life of these social activists who were hippies enduring in the life of drugs and sex. Moreover, the book illustrates the main reason for Rubin to have hatred towards the Vietnam War. This is where he states that the government was using power of heroism to attack those who were opposing government policies (Rubin 118). Finally, the book shows the brutality these hippies and police were using as a strategy while fighting one another. This is where Rubin shows the brutality the police and the FBI was using to suppress the social movements opposing the government policies (Rubin 142).

According to the book, Rubin has successfully provided readers with realistic information about the social movements. This is because Rubin is providing information of how the social activists were assembling, the different issues that led to the formation of these social movements and how they were addressing their grievances (Rubin 52). Although Rubin is providing crucial information about the social movements, the book contains a lot of brutal information. In this case, the book can create a negative attitude towards the government due the brutally it was using to suppress these movements (Rubin 176). However, after reading the book, one gains a lot of information about social movements during the Vietnam War and tends to admires Rubin courage at this time.

The style used in writing this book is extremely unique from the other historical books. This is because the book is a combination of the different papers Rubin was giving his lawyer to sneak out while he was in prison. In this case, it is extremely impossible to follow through some of the events since Rubin had difficulties writing in continuous prose (Rubin 5). For this reason, those readers who are not well conversant with Basic English have difficulties in understanding the book. Moreover, young readers in school might have troubles in comprehending the events since the information is not arranged in a chronological manner.


The book is extremely intriguing because it contains information that historical researchers fail to address when writing about the Vietnam War time. Additionally, it is fascinating because it provides real stories of what was happening. Finally, the book contains valuable information about social movements during the Vietnam War period. However, the book can be scary for young readers because of the police brutality. Moreover, it has a poor and unique writing style. For this reason, it would be difficult for young readers to understand the book.

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