Water and its Properties Flashcard

what shape does a water molecule have?
a simple triatomic
what type of bond bonds the oxygen molecule of a water atom with the hydrogen atoms?
covalent bonds
what is the bond angle of a simple triatomic structure?
105 degrees
is a water molecule polar
what charge does the oxygen atom have in a water molecule?
partially negative
what charge does each of the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule have?
partially positive
what is the attraction between polar molecules called?
dipole interactions
what kind of dipole interactions occur in water?
hydrogen bonds
what properties of water result from hydrogen bonding?
high surface tension, low vapor pressure
an inward force that tends to minimize the surface area of a liquid; it causes the surface to behave as if it were a thin skin
surface tension
what is the high surface tension of water caused by?
hydrogen bonds
where are the molecules of water drawn, causing surface tension?
does water have a higher surface tension than most other liquids?
why aren’t water droplets spherical?
any substance that interferes with the hydrogen bonding between water molecules and thereby reduces surface tension; soaps are surfactants
what happens if you add soap to water?
the droplets will collapse and spread out
the result of molecules escaping from the surface of the liquid and entering the vapor phase
vapor pressure
what explains waters low vapor pressure?
hydrogen bonding makes it harder for molecules to escape
is the density of the solid state of water higher or lower than the liquid state of water?
is the difference in the density of solid and liquid water states normal in liquids?
when does the density of water start to act differently than other liquids, temperature wise?
under 4 degrees Celsius
what is the structure of ice?
water molecules arranged in a honeycomb pattern
what does the honeycomb structure of ice cause?
the low density of ice
what temperature does ice melt (C)
0 C
how many joules are needed to change 1 g of water from a solid to a liquid?
334 J
amount of energy to raise the temperature of water from 0 C to 80 C
334 J

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