Was Alexander the Great really great?

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This was created by his father but when he took over he used it well and this alone defeated most of the opposing army. Alexander tactics were created based on what he expected the enemy to. The enemy, of course, didn’t always do this so it was a problem when this happened. Alexander was left to think on the spot with no tactics to go by. Usually, Alexander managed to pull back but when he didn’t he had let his army down. Overall, Alexander military innovation techniques are very good considering the fact that the enemy quite often does as expected.

Next, popularity. Was Alexander the Great popular? Well… Yes and no! HIS people, the Macedonian, loved him. He was conquering many lands and bringing back the recites Persian gold. He was conquering many lands and not many of his people were getting killed. What more could you want from a leader? Well, that was what all the Macedonian were asking but all the other people that he had defeated were definitely not agreeing with this statement. He marched into their land, defeated their army and now was ruler of all of them.

He wanted to be popular with them but it never worked due to the fact that he had killed many of their friends and family. All in all, due to popularity alone he was definitely not great. His people liked him but all those he had taken over hated him. Speed of conquests was also a big thing that made you great. Alexander was extremely quick but was that good? He had conquered most of the world extremely quickly. This proved he was good at the fighting part, which he was but being fast doesn’t make things fine. He died suddenly at the age of 32.

This was much younger than expected and because he died at such a young age no-one was expecting it so they weren’t prepared with someone fully ready to take over. As soon as he died all the lands that he conquered rose up and took back what they rightfully owned. If he conquered lands more gradually then this would probably not have happened. So overall, Alexander was very fast with conquering lands but as soon as he died it all collapsed because it all happened so quickly. Controlling a large empire is a great thing to do. Alexander of course did this. He had conquered practically the whole world.

This was very good but because he did it so quickly he wasn’t very good at ruling each of them and many people hated him due to this. The larger amount of people to control means It Is harder to do so. He did the best he could but people hated him which made It so much harder. Alexander, on the whole, controlled a very large empire which made him great and he controlled t in a very good manner. However, not everybody liked him which made him not rule Inventing something or being responsible for partly designing something extremely commonly used is something that makes a person great.

Alexander invented many things that were used a lot back during the period of ancient Greece. He created a currency system that was commonly used all over the world back during that period of time called the silver tetrahedral. He also created or was part of creating many fighting techniques. His father created the phalanx but when Alexander took over he perfected it and used it as his main technique. This technique was very successful and helped lead to all his victories. He also was part of the creation of the torsion catapult.

This was one of the first catapults and was a very simple design. Primarily, Alexander was great for his creations used for fighting with. A great person needs to be looked up to by others. Alexander was definitely dollied. So many people wanted to be him, his people and people he had defeated. They wouldn’t have admitted it but they were Jealous and would have wanted all that land to themselves. Alexander own people loved him and would have done anything o be him but more in a good way. He owned so much land and ruled so many people.

Practically everyone would have wanted to be him. Alexander was extremely dollied and almost everyone would have, at one point, done anything to be him. In conclusion, Alexander the great was ‘great’. There were many factors to argue with this but overall it ended up pointing towards great. He had so much land and had the best techniques with so many people looking up to him and the people that didn’t like him were extremely Jealous of him. Therefore, it is safe to say that Alexander the Great was definitely ‘great. ‘

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