Wal-Mart’s recruitment challenges

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Wal-mart. com remains at the top of market after many years of continuous success but the completion is getting stronger thus narrowing down the gap between the market leader and themselves. But still there are core competencies of Wal-mart. com which has yet remained unbeaten by its competitors. These include excelling in their operations, focusing on the needs of the customers with a narrow focus and to allocate resources for research and development purposes. However, Wal-Mart has a growing list of competitors too.

Therefore, Wal-mart.com has to ensure to improve their core competencies further to stay above these major competitors and keep their own share of market. Operational excellence Excellence provided by Wal-mart. com cannot be denied. It has been seen that almost 20. 1% of its sales were done in international departments in 2006 and this figure keeps on arising that shows the level of excellence in its operations and the company’s determination to remain at the top of its business. However, as the business is expanding, it will have to face more challenges in order to purse with the operational activities and for this they will need an excellent set of employees.

(Walmart, n. d.

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). Distribution network As Wal-Mart has a lot of chains of stores globally, it is therefore their basic requirement to have an adequate distribution network and this is from where Wal-mart. com can pick up products and deliver them to the customer who does online shopping. Computer Technology There has been an increasing trend of computer technology these days. More and more people are getting aware of this and all the customers wish to acquire the best with the least cost applicable to a commodity. Besides this, the growing trend of online retailing is another challenge for Wal-Mart.

As all the other competitors of Wal-Mart are offering online services, it is thus a must for Wal-Mart to provide online retailing services as well to cope up with the competition. Moreover, as mentioned above Wal-Mart is an international chain of stores due to which it has to transcend the international boundaries and so it can overcome this challenge by coping up with the problem of diversification that occurs while recruiting individuals in different countries and the needs and the expectations of the employees in different countries have to be taken care of.

The strategy that Wal-Mart has adopted is to hire the right person for the right position after which the management makes sure that they encourage their employees in order to help them accomplish their tasks in their own way. Furthermore, the staff is just an average set of people but encouragement is what makes them perform in an above average manner. Moreover, Wal-Mart never calls his employees as employees; however they call them associates that mean that they are the partners in the business.

Lots of employees in different countries work for Wal-Mart and this creates a challenge of cultural diversity for the management and the culture followed by an organization highlights its personality. Culture basically comprises of the assumptions, the values and norms of an organization, the financial position of the organization and about its members and their behaviors. (McNamara, 2000).

No individual has cent percent same characteristics and although they might be same in some forms of interests but they mostly differ from each other. Their working styles, their priorities, their opinions and thus everything is more or less different. Target. com also being a competitor provides best services, however they have still not been able to meet up the challenges as Wal-mart. com as worked them out. Therefore, they have a lot of opportunities to develop their market further. This can be done by introducing some more

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