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Wal-Mart stores inc. is a department store that is aimed at making life better. It is passionate about making things work and thus justifying their core reason for their existence. It began in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas and since then, tremendous changes have been established. It has a strong culture where all employees are treated with respect as business partners. Through this devotion Wal-Mart has emerged to be among the world’s most admirable companies. Historical background Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton who instilled values that are passed to employees working at various capacities.

Wal-Mart plays a vital role in enhancing the creation of jobs or employment to many people. It has grocery retail services as well as consumable businesses and toys. In the initial start up of the company the founder would reduce the mark up for his products more that his competitors did and thus gaining favour with the price conscious consumers. His move was very successful and in a period of 5 or so years there were more than 24 new stores. Today, there are over 6,500 Wal-Mart stores that serve many clients as well as provision of jobs to scores of others.


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was declared the nations largest company in 2007 and in the recent past, it has grown to become a central figure in social, economic as well as political debates. http://walmartstores. com/ The company has maintained lowered prices that have attracting many people. It has enabled average income earners to afford vital goods or products. Wal-Mart faces criticism as it is argued that it contributes to a greater percentage, human capital transfers and that it is harmful to the domestic industries.

Wal-Mart passes savings on to its consumers while making profits through volume as this was its major objective. Walton had the same attitude with his junior employees as was with his senior employees. All the workers were treated equally with no fear of favour from cashiers to the executive employees. Payroll was considered a crucial part in the company’s progress as it determined the profit margin for any company wages. This meant that overheads or expenses, if not well addressed would affect the company’s progress. http://walmartstores. com/

. Technology and positive minded employees saw the company progress. Computers were used as early as in the 1970’s to link the stores and warehouses. This ensured minimal miscalculations. On the death of the founder in 1992, things started getting out of hand and it was clear that even though it depended on set principles, the founder was very influential in its success. However after some time the company retained its initial position in the market. It increased the sales by 78% and the inventory rose by approximately 24%. It operates in more than 5000 stores worldwide and employs over 1.

6 million of which 1. 3 million are in the U. S. As Wal-Mart celebrates its business innovations that set global standards for efficiency but it faces opposition for those who argue that it dislikes unions, independent retailers as well as wages and benefits. http://walmartstores. com/ I work as a human resource manager at the Wal-Mart inc. My great role is to attract potential employees by doing recruitment and selection and after they are selected they undergo an induction training to familiarize with the processes involved, environment, supervisors and colleagues at work.

My main aim is to have these employees acquired and retained so that they can give all their dedication and efforts which will ultimately translate to success of business. As human resource personnel, there are other issues that are our concern especially in line management with those that are heads in the production, marketing, finance and other administrative duties, have the responsibility of conducting the induction process and supervision of the qualified employees. This is because they are the company’s greatest asset and through them, the company is able to meet its set objectives in various major departments of the firm.

Management is usually of critical concern especially because the employees have expectations that they want to realize from the organisation. At the same time, management’s stipulation on its objectives of realizing and attaining of set targets and goal is the major concern for the two parties. The HR manager has to ensure that worker are doing their work in a conducive environment, are highly motivated and enjoy friendly supervision. This means that they should work under terms and conditions well understood to them and so that they work smoothly.

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