Wal-mart.com vs Target.com

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Wal-mart. com and target. com are two online retailers as well as competitors; both are e-tailers and use electronic form of doing the business. As both are competitors, they have to do extensive advertising in order to promote their offerings so their products can sell well. Both the businesses have the same nature of business due to which it is hard to tell which one is operating more successfully. However, one difference that can be found is that Wal-mart. com is still more successful than target. com. The marketing plans that are prepared by Wal-mart. com and target. com are planned well with accordance to the business models.

Therefore, looking at both the e-tailers overall, we found out that both are doing well in their own way and both have their own customers and place in the market. Introduction Retailing is the sale of goods in small quantities directly to consumers from a location that is fixed. Electronic commerce or e-commerce is basically about doing the business using the Internet and the World Wide Web. Other terms for e-commerce are e-business and e-tailing. Online catalogs are available on the websites from the where the customer can easily see

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the list of products i. e. the catalog available along with other details such as price.

They can even compare prices of their desired products on the Internet and can place the order easily from home. This way of doing business is advantageous in one of the ways that the customers can place their order at any time of the day and at any place using Internet on their computer as there is no restriction on time to place the order. Nowadays more of the rich consumers are also engaged in their own business activities so they don’t have ample time to visit a store to place an order so they might prefer to place online orders and so they will prefer those companies that provide online services to the customers.

With reference to the definitions mentioned about retailing and e-tailing, the difference between them is clear and they have to be understood well in order to do the business well. The advantage to the businessman while opting for an e-tail business is that it can cut the investment costs that are required to start up a business. Furthermore, it also saves marketing and sales costs. However, despite the advantages this type of doing business has, it is not that easy and in order to make profit some of the factors have to be taken into consideration. These factors are mentioned below.

• The customers always want excellent customer services and this is the thing that makes them more loyal to a particular company. • A business not only aims for the customers to make sales but they also want that the customers become their loyal customers and make repetitive sales and they want to achieve this with lower advertising costs. • The price that they charge should be reasonable so that it would encourage the customers to make repetitive sales. • Besides the customer services, the main concern about the customer is to get high quality products.

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