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If there is an area Wal-Mart had to excel is in its international venture that is faltering simply because it is not meeting some of the requirement the foreign markets are requiring. At home, it has shown a very high success rate by a very value driven customer service, charging the lowest price, and streamlining its supply chain effectively. It might have to do the same globally to keep its profit edge.

Areas that might give it edges might be it has to make quick adaptation to foreign markets, it has to locate local activities in the markets it wants to enter by choosing optimal locations, the introduction of economies of scales has to be according to the markets it is entering, and it should increase information flow and learning the communities it is planning to do business in. Locally there is grievance about how it is treating its employees by making them part of its low price scheme that is forcing many of them to live under the poverty line.

The company does not also have good reputation in how it treats women employees generally since there are reports saying that they are mostly employed in

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lower paying hourly jobs, and there is at least a $5000 difference between the earning of men and women. These are areas that could contribute negatively to its social responsibilities, although it had been overriding them with the low price it is offering to customers (Common Dreams).


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