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This paper reviews on the learning experience that can gain as a volunteer in the management and leadership one is exposed in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, habitat for humanity and in South East Missouri State University. The three organizations give diverse experience depending on the activity concerned. In the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, I looked at the example of the boys Scouts of America who listed a number of leadership roles that one can be involved.

These include cub master, den leader, pack committee, function committees and parent helpers. The experience the volunteer gains are enormous like developing parenting skills, ethical and moral character, improving expertise in leadership and management, harness environment consciousness and conservation skills. In addition; the volunteer improves his/her community service, communication skills, physical fitness and enjoyment.

On the other hand volunteering with habitat makes one aware of the need to support other people unable to build decent houses by providing building solutions. Some of the benefits include gain positive attitude and a cooperative spirit; demonstrate safe building procedures among others. In the South East Missouri State University there are a couple of opportunities which offer service learning. These

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include among others brotherhood, academics, athletics/intramurals, philanthropy and community service, social development, leadership and the power of 2%.

Other learning service opportunities include volunteering as daycares, child shelters, scouts; in grassroots causes and community agencies, in the corrections facility or victims’ programs; in special needs camps, schools, or hospitals; and the American Red Cross or AIDS agencies. In conclusion these organizations are perfect examples in which one can volunteer and gain valuable experience and knowledge.

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