Vocabulary W. geo

Term Definition
Culture The way of life that distinguishes a people, for example government, lauguage, religion customs, and beliefs.
Population Density The average number of people living in a given area.
Birthrate The number of live births each year per 1,000 people.
Immagrant A person who moves into a country.
Emigrant A person who leaves a country to live elsewhere.
Urbanization The growth of city populations.
Rural Of, or characteristic of, the countryside.
Culture Hearth A place in which important ideas begin and thereafter spread to surrounding cultures.
Cultural Convergence The contact and interaction of one culture with another.
Diffusion The process by which a cultural element is transmitted from one group or individual to another.
Cultural Divergence The restriction of a culture from outside influences.
Sovereignty A country's freedom and power to decide on policies and actions.
Unitary system A system of government in which one central government holds most of the political power.
Federation A government structure in which some powers are given to the national government and other powers are reserved for more local governments.
Confederation A system of government in which individual political units keep their sovereignty but give limited power to a central government.
Authoritarian Descriptive of a system of government in which the leaders hold all political power.
Dictatorship A system of government in which absolute power is held by a small group or one person.
Totalitarianism A system of government in which a central authority controls all aspects of society.
Monarchy A system of authoritian government headed by a monarch-a king, queen, shah, or sultan- whose position is usually inherited.
Democracy A system of government in which the people are invested with the power to choose their leaders and determine government policy.
Traditional Economies An economic system in which families produce goods and services for their own use, with little surplus and exchange of goods; also known as a subsistence economy.
Market Economy An economic system in which decisions about production, price, and other economic factors are determined by the law of supply and demand.
Command Economy An economic system that is controlled by a single central government.
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