Vocabulary ch.8 Flashcard

a substance  that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
active metal
A metal that is sufficiently active to react with water at room temperature; the active metals include Li, Na, K, Ca, Sr and Ba
activity series
a relative order of metals arranged according to their ability to undergo a reaction; also called an electromotive series.
aqueous solution
a homogeneous mixture ofa substance dissolved in water
a substance that releases hydroxide ions (OH) when dissolved in water.
a susbstance that speeds up a reaction without being permanently changed.
chemical equation
a shorthand representation using formulas and symbols to describe a chemical reaction.
chemical reaction
the process of undergoing a chemical change
a digit in front of a chemical formula that helps to balance an equation.
combination reaction
a type of reaction in which two substances produce a single compound
decompostion reaction
 a type of reaction in which a single compound produces two or more substances
diatomic molecule
a particle composed of two nonmetal atoms
double-replacement reaction
a type of reaction in which two cations in different compounds exchange anions
endothermic reaction
a chemical reaction that absorbs heat energy
exothermic reaction
a chemical reaction that releases heat energy
neutralization reaction
a type of reaction in which an acid and a base produce a salt and water
an insoluable solid substance produced by a chemical reaction in an aqueous solution
a substance resulting from a chemical reaction
a substance undergoing a chemical reaction
an ionic compound produced by an acid-base reaction; the product of a neutralization reaction in addition to water.
single replacement reaction
a type of reaction in which a more active element displaces a less active element from a solution or compound.
a digit in a chemical formula that represents the number of atoms or ions occuring in the substance.

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