vocabulary 11/20/17

Question Answer
Ungainly Not gracefully; awkward
Deftly Nimble; skilled; clever
Inclination A disposition especially of the mind or will
Confiscated To seize as if by authority
Anticipatory To observe or study thoughtfully
Menacing Expectation or hope
Inaudibly Something that threatens to cause evil,
Inaudibly harm, or injury
Hilarity Incapable of being heard
Liquidation Cheerfulness; merriment
Defiance Cheerfulness; merriment
Degradation To get rid of, especially by killing
Lackluster Daring or bold resistance
Voracious To lower in dignity or character
Visage Dull; lacking brilliance or radiance
Barrage Craving large quantities of food
Impeccably Shape; features of the face; countenance
Exude An overwhelming quantity of words or criticisms
Delirium Flawless; faultless
Multitude To come out gradually in drops, as sweat
Protruding A state of violent excitement or emotion

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