Term Definition
latent heat the heat energy that is absorbed or released by a substance during a phase change

sublimation the process in which a solid changes directly into a gas (the term is sometimes also used for the reverse process)
dew point at constant pressure and water vapor sat_flash_1, the temperature at which the rate of condensation equals the rate of evaporation

absolute humidity the mass of water vapor per unit volume of air that contains the water vapor; usually expressed as grams of water vapor per cubic meter of air

relative humidity the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount of water vapor needed to reach saturation at a given temperature
cloud a collection of small water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air, which forms when the air is cooled and condensation occurs

condentsation nucleus a solid particle in the atmosphere that provides the surface on which water vapor condenses
adiabitic cooling the process by which the temperature of an air mass decreases as the air mass rises and expands
advective cooling the process by which the temperature of an air mass decreases as the air mass moves over a cold surface
stratus cloud a gray cloud that has a flat, uniform base and that commonly forms at very low altitudes
cumulus cloud a low-level, billowy cloud that commonly has a top that resembles cotton balls and a dark bottom
cirrus cloud a feathery cloud that is composed of ice crystals and that has the highest altitude of any cloud in the sky
fog water vapor that has condensed very near the surface of Earth because air close to the ground has cooled

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