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elliptical oval-shaped like a flattened circle
model a representation of something looks or works
asteroid a rocky object that revoles around the sun
meteoroid a small piece of rock or metal that travels in space around the sun
meteor a bright streak of light that passes through Earth's atmousphere
comet a ball ice, dust, and gasses that travels through space and orbits the sun
meteorite a piece of a meteoroid that lands on Earth after passing tthrough the atmousphere
light year the distance light that travels in one year
constellation stars that apear to be in groups when viewed from Earth
galaxy a group of billions of stars, dust, and gases in space held together by gravity
spectroscope an instument that seperates light into a pattern of lines of differennt colors
refraction the bending of light as it passes from one mateirial to another; a way to gather and focus light
reflection the bouncing of light of a surface; a way tto gather and focus light

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