Visual Art education and Graphic Design Argument Essay

This is especially popular for those considering a career tat in graphics design. However does this mean that a traditional fine arts education Is no longer needed for those who are In pursuit of a degree in graphic design? Typically online colleges advertise visual arts degrees under the Idea that graphics design Is nothing more than computer knowledge and creativity. As a result, students graduate lacking the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the graphics design world.

All students looking to earn a degree in graphics design should pursue a traditional art degree. Even though anyone Is able to achieve a graphics degree online, completing a rotational arts degree teaches you the skills that help you to achieve the highest level of success. Online education in many instances has too often replaced the core curriculum of art with technology. Many traditional art professors, even in graphics design put technological skills last on the their lecture list.

Instead, concepts of how art and design function and how to express creativity in the art studio environment are emphasized as being the key concepts of a graphics designer education. Over time, knowledge is gained through a series of art drawings, paintings, photography lasses, critical thinking exercises, peer evaluations and problem solving; resulting In students becoming more aware of the variety of ways to go about turning creative ideas into innovative designs. Unfortunately, students who are taught online are not able to grasp the importance of skill beyond technology.

As a result the lack of knowledge to express creativity inevitably becomes a liability instead of an asset to a graphics design company. Design Is a combination of skill and finding ways to create a visual message to your target audience. The main role of a designer is to communicate a message in the cost effective way. Computer programs cannot create the knowledge of the reason behind the image, only the designer can. You cannot have technical skills only and expect a program to do the creative work.

The computer has revolutionized the design studio, but it will never run It. Traditional art education gives students the instruction in classes like illustration and typography. Online education simply does not offer students this opportunity and will never be able to substitute these skills with numerous amounts of technology. The last benefit of a traditional arts education is the communication skills you learn ND the face-to-face interactions you experience by attending an actual university. Social skills are harder to learn when you do not attend school.

There is no curriculum for showing students the importance of social interaction in the career of an artist or designer. Sure you may think that having a discussion board is important but it doesn’t compare to face-to-face interactions. In a traditional learning environment you attend classes that create situations where students can and must collaborate with one another. Through these environments, the students witness that original design is rarely done alone. It’s great groundwork for the reality of the working graphic designer.

In the end, knowledge is the measure of success and the more enriched you are in your career field the better communicator you become. Therefore earning an education through a traditional college or university provides students with a variety of skills and knowledge would only be beneficial to those looking to be successful in the graphics design. This is why students looking to earn a degree in graphics design should receive a traditional arts educationist’s Coexisted of the web sites that I dewed while writing this paper are listed below.

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