Virtual Machine Management

1. What is the maximum amount of memory that can be assigned to a version 11 virtual machine.

a. 2 TB
b. 256 GB
c. 1 TB
d. 4 TB

Which of the following are not supports on aversion 11 virtual machine? (Choose two)
a. 12 vnics
b. 50 serial ports
c. USB
d. Hot add Memory
3. Which of the following are valid methods to access a VM console?
a. Right-Click the VM and select Open Console
b. Right-Click the VM, select Guest OS, and then Open
c. Launch Console from the Manage tab
d. Launch Console from the Summary tab
4. Which of the following best describes a template?
a. A snapshot of a VM that contains only part of the configuration
b. A exact copy of another VM
c. A master copy of a VM that is used to create new VMs and thereby establish a standard build
d. A separate portion of a VM that can be added to provide more features.
a, d
5. You are attempting to deploy a new OS into a VM. You have added an ISO to the CD-ROM, but when you power on the VM you see a PXE boot instead of loading ISO. Which of the following might be the cause? (Choose Two)
a. You have not checked the connected box for the ISO
b. You have not loaded an ISO that has a bootable OS
c. You have too many CPUs configured for the VM
d. You have not checked the Connect at Power On box for the ISO.
6. If you create a VM with one VCPU ON A HOST THAT IS A Quad Core 3GHz, what is the maximum processing power for the VM?
a. 12 Ghz
b. 6 Ghz
c. 3 Ghz
d. .75 Ghz
Which of the following are true regarding CPU hot add?(choose two)
a. To Configure the setting, the VM must be powered down.
b. It should function well once set, regardless of the OS on the VM.
c. You enable it by checking a box
d. You enable it by changing an Advanced Setting.
8. Which of the following are true regarding memory hot plug?
a. The VM must be powered down to configure the setting.
b. The VM can be configured while still powered up, as long as the OS supports it.
c. All guest Oss will immediately recognize the new memory.
d. The guest operating systems on the system compatibility list for CPU hot plug will recognize the new memory.
9. Which of the following is the correct description of the memory setting for a VM.

a. The amount of memory that the guest OS will be told it can have
b. The total amount of RAM that will be reserved for the guest OS.
c. The minimum amount of all types of memory that is guaranteed to the guest OS.
d. The Minimum amount of RAM that is guaranteed to the guest OS.

10. Which of the following cannot be used if a VM is using DirectPath I/O Passthrough? (choose two.)
a. HA
b. Local datastores
c. DRS
d. SMP

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