Virgin Group Ltd.

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Virgin Group Ltd has been very successful in its business operations throughout its different ventures. This has been credited to effective leadership and that provides visionary focus and total quality management in all the departments that the organization operates. Using SWOT analysis, this paper evaluates major aspects of the company with a view of establishing the reasons behind its success. Besides, it also explores corporate culture, social responsibility, and inclusive ethics in the company. Company background. Virgin group Ltd is a branded venture capital type of an organization founded by business people in Britain.

Its operations dates back to 1970s with its headquarters being located at the School House, 50 Brook Green in London. The core businesses areas involved include travel, entertainment, lifestyle and transport among others. By the end of the year 2008 the Net Worth of the group was US $ 5, 010, 000, 000 (Glen, 408-409). Although Branson retains complete ownership and control of the virgin brand, the commercial companies that use it are varied and complex. Each of the company that uses the brand is a separate entity with Branson occasionally simply licensing it. SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method

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employed to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats that a business venture or project is subjected to. It is employed to assess and initiate change, design better methods or understand an organization better from an expounded angle. Strengths and opportunities. Over the last decade, the company has undergone massive growth that has put it in a high position which places it at a good position necessary for sustaining its profits. Over the years the company has spread its operations world wide.

Therefore it has a great pool of consumers that demand its products internationally. In business management, customers form the most essential part as they are the key element that dictates whether a business succeeds or not. The group also have high profile management that gives it a visionary approach proactive in approach to all the major aspects that it deals with. For instance, the management has been very emphatic on the need to enhance high quality value in all the services given to the consumers. To add to that, the company has curved a niche by establishing a strong goodwill from them through emphasis on their satisfaction.

Subsidiary companies have been experiencing the massive demands owing to the brand. This is therefore a major premise to act as a stepping stone to conquer the current international economic surges. Like other international companies, the group boasts of economies of scale derived from the ability to use local production in the subsidiary entities to enhance reduced cost of production. This has especially been boosted by reduction in transport costs. This outsourcing has boosted it greatly to the 2008 worth of US $ 5, 010, 000, 000.

In the year 2000, it acquired US $ 49 million of the Singapore airlines As a major platform to ensure increased production from its various sections, the company has integrated high level technology in all of its operations. Therefore, it is easy to increase production and reach more customers with speed before the competitors have set in. majority of the music sales and software distribution are done online. This method has been very effective in enhancing immediate customer concerns response, a model described as one of the best in the 21st century (Gary, 353).

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