Viral marketing

Components of viral marketing
1) People/ consumers/ “sharers”
2) media and mechanisms
3) seeding, scaling, and managing
4) content
5) sharing rationale
– what is important?
– Arousal
– Social currency
– evoking postive emotion
– Arousal = the more intense emotion, the more likely the shares
social currency = make consumer feel smart
memory inducing trigger
sights, words, and sounds that immediately remind us of something
story quality
the more compelling and worth sharing, the better
providing goods advice, tips, knowledge
Content top emotions
– happiness
– warmth
– kindness
– surprise
– anger
– confusion
– sadness
Social Utility
others finding value in the content
opinion seeking
want to see what others think
Self expression
content says something about sharer
Kudos authority
want to demonstrate knowledge
Kudos coolhunter
want to be the first to tell others
Social good
for a good cause
SHared passion
connect w/ others
current trend or event
Socialize in real life
help one socialize offline with others
common mistakes with viral marketing
1) make sharing the goal
2) just publish –> need to continue and make a story
3) not developing relationships
4) trying to go viral immediately –> need to test the market first

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