Viral marketing campaigns-‘Cloverfield’

When it happened
In 2007
What the campaign had to do
Increases anticipation for the film’s release, galvanise existing fans and reach out to new audiences.
How the campaign started
they created eight fake news clips, each in a different language on the destruction of an oil rig in the Atlantic ocean. They added subtle details that told fans that this was part of the ‘Cloverfield’ campaign, including what many thought to be the first glimpse of the creature featured in the film.
How the film appears to be filmed.
Using a hand- held video camera.
The amount of views the clips generated in a month
4.5 million views, half of those form outside the USA
What they did to bring the film and the campaign together
They included the clips as bonus content on the DVD
Clips involved apart form the starting one
They were all filmed on hand- held cameras and were footage of things being destroyed. This mimicked the way the film was filmed
Why the campaign was done in this way.
To attract the internet obsessed teenage and young adult audience of today
What was done parallel to the campaign
-Another story was being created through an alternate reality game around a company called Tagruato which made a drink called Slusho!
-They asked the public make an advert for them as part of a competition.
-It was suggested that the ingredients were not entirely safe.
– The site reported the oil rig being destroyed
– Characters from the clips went to work with the company
– There was also a video blog of a couple, so they could keep in touch whilst the boyfriend went abroad to work for the company.
How they linked the film to the campaign
Some of the characters in the campaign clips were in the movie. As well as this the main character and other characters, in the movie, went to work for the company. The film stars with the main characters leaving- party. As well as this the clips were filmed in the same way as the film
Why stars weren’t needed
If they had been used it would have given away the fact that the clips were fake and for a film.
What the poster looked like
it had an image of the statue of liberty decapitated with a release date at the bottom

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