Violence Should Not Be Used To Solve Family Issues Sociology Essay Essay

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Many jobs arise during household life ; hence, people particularly work forces, sometimes unconsciously apply force to cover with those jobs. This method is wholly unneeded. There are some accounts for this disheartenment.

Domestic force has really bad effects on victims ( Child Welfare information Gateway n.d. ) . First of wholly, it causes “ wellness jobs or physical hurts ” . Victims have to set up with normal hurts like abrasions and contusions. Seriously, there are fractured castanetss in some instances, and victims may regularly experience concerns or stomach aches. Consequently, adult females are unable to work to gain their life ( Marjorie 2010 ) . Second, adult females who are abused perchance endure “ psychological job ” . For illustration, many adult females become peculiarly angry and depressed ; they abuse their ain kids and imbibe intoxicant to relieve the physical and emotional strivings. Some surveies show that “ victims of domestic force are more likely to mistreat their kids than those who are non abused by their spouses ” ( cited on UN 2010 ) . When victims have no option, they put an terminal to their lives by self-destruction. Battered adult females commit suicide more frequently than those who are non battered ( Marjorie 2010 ) . That is wholly a calamity.

However, adult females are non the lone 1s who suffer from the effects of domestic force. Children in this household by chance become victims. These kids do non hold opportunity to bask their childhood. They have no pick but turning faster than others. While other childs are loved and taken attention of by parents, those 1s are responsible for making housekeeping, looking after younger sisters and brothers and thirsty for love. Furthermore, their perusal at school will besides be affected. When kids must make excessively many plants and do non hold adequate clip to kip, they will fall asleep in category. Therefore, they can non understand the lessons and be blamed for being lazy and even some kids drop out of school ( Rebecca 2011 ) . Gary Direnfeld ( n.d. ) indicates that kids witnessing domestic force seem to utilize force as a manner to derive what they need and want. Boys tend to acquire things they want by this manner, so they do non hold opportunity to better accomplishments like discoursing and doing duologue to make. On the other manus, misss accept force, and see it a normal phenomenon. Besides, male childs tend to bully and intimidate while misss are likely to except person and speak behind him or her. Another consequence is that kids become more aggressive and show violent actions ( Rebecca 2011 ) . It is because these kids can non expose their feelings at place. If they have opportunities to show, they are perchance hit, spanked and punched. Children, at that clip, are like “ a force per unit area cooker waiting to allow out the steam ( Rebecca 2011 ) . Last but non least, domestic force has bad influences on childs as they grow up. It is clear that parents are the first theoretical accounts in a kid ‘s life. If kids are exposed to verbal maltreatment such as throwing, detrimental furniture, slapping, kicking and contemptuous words everyday, what will go on? Surely, there will be effects in the future life. In big life, work forces witnessing domestic force in childhood are more likely to mistreat their married womans than those who did non witness as kids. Likewise, adult females who were exposed to force in household when being little seem to be more tolerant towards force from their opposite numbers.

Some people still maintain that force helps them tackle with improper behaviours of adult females ; for illustration, they spend excessively much clip peeking themselves at the mirror, do non cook the repast, take attention of their households and speak back to the hubbies. However, there are other ways to better the state of affairs alternatively of slapping or crushing their adult females. Husbands can explicate to the married womans or give them a little gift and talk with them about felicity in their households. Furthermore, domestic force can take to break-up in a household. Harmonizing to Gender and Development Reseach Institute, 49.7 % of households are broken up because of household force ( cited on Binh 2011 ) . Besides, it has no good effects on their kids when they grow up.

2.3 Recent solutions to domestic force

Using force in households is by no agencies humane and tolerable so it is necessary to happen the solutions every bit shortly as possible. However, in the face of this job, both Vietnamese authorities and citizens must fall in custodies to alleviate the effects of domestic force in day-to-day life.

In term of the authorities, the really first thing they need to make is to educate their people. They should stress that domestic force is non anyone else ‘s job ; it is societal so that people realize the earnestness of this affair. They besides ought to explicate clearly what domestic force is, how it influences people ‘s lives and household tie. In add-on, schools and health care centres need take part in this bubbly. They can form a meeting to speak about force ; hence, people ‘s consciousness are raised at “ an early phase of their psychological development ” ( Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation ) . In the long term, the authorities needs to set more attempts into eliminating poorness. It is of import to learn people some sorts of occupations and impart citizens money with a low rate of involvement so that they can gain their life.

Furthermore, it is necessary that each person has a impression of cut downing force in their households. First, people should stay good relationship with intimate spouses. Family ‘s ambiance must be comfy, happy and peaceable so that house will be the most wanted topographic point for everyone. When there is something incorrect in household, the hubby or the married woman must cognize how to act in order to quiet down the other. Silence when in demand is encouraged. Another solution is that adult females should understand more about domestic force to protect themselves while it occurs. If adult females are abused, they should non maintain silence. Governments need to cognize this so that they can step in and happen the replies. Parents have to be cognizant that domestic force has negative effects on their kids and it is indispensable to esteem the intimate spouses.

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