Violence at the Workplace

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Handling disputes among employees is among the most complicated jobs of managers as well as entrepreneurs. Dr. Chester, an owner an CEO of a manufacturing organization namely, Chester Enterprises, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is currently facing the dilemmas of handling the possible different conflicts among his employees in the future. Although the organization has not been under any situational problems regarding workplace violence yet, Dr.

Chester does not rule out the possibility that it may happen simply because of employing 100 people of different individualities and qualities as well. Dr. Chester is aware that handling the said population would not be easy especially considering the fact that he employs a certain huge number of workforce who are considerably unique in their own ways. Aside from this, it could not be denied that each employee is expected to have an aim of reaching the promotional positions within the organization, which may at times result to competition and later on resulting to workplace violence.

This is primarily just one of the many possible sources of conflict within the organizational arrangement of activities. To be able to face this particular problem, Dr. Chester decided to read up on the said topic. Most likely, for several months, the readings that Dr. Chester did helped him understand the situation in a deeper view. However, he is more confident in asking assistance from the experts of the matter.

The researches and the presentation of solutions shall be discussed in this paper with the assistance of a private consultant. SECTION 2: Introduction The responsibilities of a CEO and an entrepreneur at once are indeed not that easy to deal with. The existence of differences among the employees in a certain business organization certainly identifies the need for good decision making skills and fine judgment of situation on the part of the Chief Executive Officer.

Considering that the need for human workforce today is highly needed especially for manufacturing procedures of several business organizations, it is indeed a certain need for the chief officers and administrators of such organizations to consider the need of regulating the policies as well as reinventing the procedures of dealing with the employees to deal with work area conflicts among the workforce of a certain business organization.

This particular In this regard, if incase a CEO finds himself unable to face the situation, it is indeed helpful to find personal assistance and guidance from the experts aside from particularly doing one’s own research.

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