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Siargao Island

About 800 kilometres south-east of Manila is a surfing oasis called Siargao Island. a 400-square kilometre island with white-sand beaches. reefs. and unsmooth air currents from the Pacific Ocean that whips up moving ridges ideal for international surfboarding competitions. Siargao Island is where local and foreign surfboarders meet. make bolding each other to take on the following immense moving ridge. It. nevertheless. has more to offer beyond surfboarding.

Siargao Island has big Rhizophora mangle woods and stretches of wetlands. The topographic point besides has well-preserved coral reefs.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Palawan with its capital Puerto Prinsesa City is the largest state in the state in footings of entire country of legal power. You’ll happen the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park which is late recognized as one of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” . This park features a big limestone karst landscape with an belowground river. The sire contains a full mountain-to-sea ecosystem and has some of the most of import woods in Asia.

Banawe Rice Patios

The Banawe Rice Terracesrecognized as one of the “Eight Wonders of the World” can be found in mountains of Ifugao Province in Luzon. These farming areas created in the mountains are fed by an ancient irrigation system from the rain-forest above the patios. The Tourism industry has developed a figure of activities for visitants which may include a rubber-necking of the patios and visits at the pes of the patios.

Manila Cathedral. Intramuros

Manila Philippines

Historical Manila! Manila is the capital of the Philippines. and is a darling Philippine tourer topographic point due to its rich history. Some of the must see topographic points in Manila include Rizal Park. where the Philippine national hero. Jose Rizal was martyred. Rizal Park includes the Manila Planetarium. portion of Manila
Bay. Quirino Grandstand. and Ocean Adventure. Fort Santiago is besides a historical topographic point to see. having keeps and cells and a museum dedicated for Rizal. Intramuros. besides known as the Walled City. is sometimes called as the Philippines’ small Spain. The Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for 300 old ages. and Intramuros still retains this portion of history. showcasing beautiful Spanish houses. streets. and churches. minimally touched by modernisation. Enjoy a calesa ( Equus caballus driven passenger car ) drive. and transport yourself back in clip.

Cebu City Sinulog Festival
Cebu City Philippines

Cebu City. besides known as the Queen City of the South is turning to be a popular finish for Philippines travel. This is because Cebu is a mixture of engineering and natural resources. Cebu is get downing to follow the footfalls of Makati. with its high-rise edifices. immense shopping promenades. and superior hotels. But despite this technological roar. Cebu has something else to offer. Surrounding the chief island of Cebu. are small islands with beaches that can fit the beauty of Boracay. Islands that are get downing to go tourist attractive forces are Malapascua Island. Bantayan Island. and the small yet known. but breath taking Camotes Island. January would be the best clip to travel to Cebu. as this is when the Sinulog Festival is held. This is Cebu City’s Fiesta. and at this clip the streets become filled with performing artists in luxuriant costumes and excessive floats. Feast your eyes to the astonishing colourss and public presentations held at the streets of Cebu. You will certainly be caught up in all the celebration!

Mount Apo. Davao
Davao Philippines

In Davao lies the highest extremum of the Philippines. Mount Apo. This mountain towers over Davao at a olympian 10. 311 pess above sea degree. For mountaineering partisans. Mount Apo is one to suppress. Along its trail lies an alien show of nature. with a steaming bluish lake. geysers and suplhur pillars. rainwater lakes and cascading waterfalls. Mount Apo is a definite sight to see. Davao besides boasts its Samal Island as once more one of the best beaches of the state. Samal island holds the epicurean Pearl Farm Resort. where invitees can loosen up at a private retreat. The resort is named every bit such as the topographic point was one time an 11 hectare pearl farm. reaping pink. white. and gilded pearls from Sulu Sea. Davao is besides celebrated for being the natural home ground of the Philippine’s National Bird. the Filipino Eagle. It is besides the topographic point where the male monarch of all fruits. called the durion. flourishes. Truly. Davao is a topographic point of olympian beauty.

Silliman Hall Dumaguete
Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City. located at Negros Oriental. is a peaceable and provincial topographic point. besides known as the University Town. This is called as such because of the many universities that are located in the bosom of this little metropolis. Dumaguete is best known for Silliman University. one of the oldest and most beautiful universities in the whole state. This University is the place of 302 acacia trees. which contributes to the beauty and repose of the topographic point. Besides. in Silliman lies the oldest American construction left standing in the Philippines. This is the beautiful Silliman Hall which greets everyone who comes to Dumaguete. as it is located right in forepart of the sea. Dumaguete is besides best known for Rizal Boulevard. which is a long avenue beside the sea. with many eating houses and constitutions across the street. There surely is something to this small town. as people are known to come back clip and clip once more to see good old Dumaguete.

Calle Crisologo at dark
Glance of the Past

As I have said earlier. the Philippines was occupied by the forces of Spain for more than three centuries. This is the ground why the Spanish traditions have contributed a batch to the birth of Filipino civilization. beliefs. and traditions. It is a life museum. There are a batch of hereditary houses in Vigan. Ilocos Sur. They house the past–the fantastic and rich yesteryear. They were built from indigo dye. Abel cloths. and even gold. You’ll be in awed if you see the expansive stairwaies. wide floor boards. glistening window oyster Windowss and ventanillas. and the cool azotea that can be found in the houses of the elite. The Calle Crisologo besides offers the long lane of hereditary houses that one time housed the Chinese business communities. It is popularly known as the “Kasanglayan. ” Visit Vigan. the lone lasting colonial metropolis in the state. and acquire immersed in the beauty of history.

Sight-seeing at “The Sleeping Dinosaur”

Upon go throughing by Mati Road. you can inquire your driver for a speedy halt to watch over the island’s antic and delicious signifier. The island itself resembles more likely to a dinosaur fell in a deep sleep

Mount Hamiguitan

It is home to the world’s largest pigmy wood with impressive vegetations that counts of a sum of 878 species. Its 600-hectare bonsai field is enrapturing. Another attractive force in this mountain can besides be found known as the “Tinagong Dagat” or hidden sea. This cryptic lake is said to hold high tide and low tide agendas. a phenomenon which remains unexplained up until now.

Tibanban Island

Wan na travel trekking? Tibanban island is the ideal locale for that! A beacon was built on the top of the island for the intent of warning for ships during at dark. Aside from trekking. you can besides dunk through its white sand beach.

Waniban Island

Pristine and crystal clear H2O. powder-like white sand beach. hardy Rhizophora mangles and frolicing mahimahis are the major captivation and attractive force of the island. You can walk around the whole island in less than an hr. Travel snorkeling. diving and Sun bathing!

San Victor Island

This 3 hectares island is located at Baganga. Davao Oriental with powder-like white sand beach and exalted coconut grove. A perfect topographic point for summer excursions and pickups!

Kawa-Kawa Falls

Is the most bragged about waterfall which is located at San Isidro. Davao Oriental. Enjoy its 15 pess deep clear Waterss. The falls is surrounded by thick wood of century-old trees and rare wild orchids. You can hold a field day here or merely swim and loosen up yourself by the repose it brings.

Aliwagwag Falls

Considered as the “longest cascading waterfalls” in the Philippines located in the center of the wood of Cateel. Davao Oriental. It is besides one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state. The falls seemed like a staircase to heaven with its 84 stairss which measure from 6 – 100ft each stairss.

Balite Hot Spring

Located at Baganga. Davao Oriental. Hot springs are known to bring around unwellnesss such as rheumatism. dermatitis. itching. skin disease. etc. Its mending power somehow attracts tourist aside from the comfort and warmth it gives.

Ave Maria is the best manner to snorkel here. as you get astonished with the broad array of different and rich Marine life that abounds here. that beams and dazzles in assorted colourss. chromaticities. sizes and forms. Your day of the month with nature here will non be complete without seeing the endangered polo-necks that inhabits the Turtle Island. For the record the Philippines has four of the six species of sea polo-necks in the universe.

Gumasa Beach Saranggani

Gumasa Beach in Gian. Saranggani offers a powdery white sand that is merely one hr off from General Santos City. the hometown of Filipino pealing hero Manny Pacquiao. a seven-time universe title-holder in seven weight classs. Unspoiled and pristine. this beach is a Eden at its best.

Sandugan Beach. Siquijor

Located at the northern island of Siquijor in the municipality of Larena. this low profile beach has one of the best scenery and breathtaking beaches in the Philippines. Siquijor is a sleepy Visayan state in the southern portion of the state.

Amanpulo Pamalican Island. Palawan

Feel like you are a famous person and would desire to travel to a beach where celebrated personalities like Naomi Campbell. Claudia Schiffer. David Benoit and the late US President John F. Kennedy Jr. have visited. But keep your Equus caballuss for a piece though. for this is an sole resort. in field words you need to blast out nice amount of money to acquire into this sole resort. An sole pickup for the rich and celebrated. the topographic point is the oasis for outstanding stars. ace theoretical accounts. concern scions and royalties.

Moalboal. Panagsama Beach

Cebu as a state self-praises of Churches of antiquities that were built many many Moons ago and offers finest plunging musca volitanss. Moalboal that lies on the Cebu’s western coat is considered to be one of the best diving site in Asia and even in the universe. Panagsama Beach. is place to some glorious marine life. like colourful corals. windflower. sponges and dazzling reef fishes.

Caliraya Lake. Caliraya. Laguna

A topographic point with soft zephyr emanating from the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and the cryptic Mount Banahaw. the topographic point offers H2O athleticss such as fishing. jet skiing. boardsailing. windsurfing. and canoeing. You can remain at the leisure resorts environing the lake at an first-class adjustment without disbursement much. You may choose to hold horseback siting. playing athleticss or merely hold field day. The topographic point besides is merely a one drive off from Pagsanjan Falls. a topographic point where the concluding scence of Apocalypse Now was taken. You may see Lucban excessively. the topographic point where the celebrated Pahiyas Festival is being held. to see and purchase for yourself the finest Barong Tagalog in the state as a keepsake Barong Tagalog is the national frock of Filipino work forces.

Puerto Galera. Mindoro One of the most visited tourer finishs in the Philippines. is the Puerto Galera in Mindoro. With its coves sandwiched by the soft swaying thenar trees and crystal-clear turquoise H2O. a visit to Puerto Galera is a kind of a dream holiday or trip come true. Once a really countrified and dull rural town. its find by the late 1970’s paved the manner for many tourers. domestic and aliens to see the topographic point and acquire mesmerized with its natural appeal and beauty.

Diving and snorkeling partisans will so bask detecting the colorful and really diverse Marine life that abounds in the La Laguna Beach. Nightlife is really active here excessively. and can vie with that of Boracay’s and promises to be basking. You may besides seek kayaking. canoeing or banana boating to take full pleasance of holding a fantastic sight seeing while you patrol the country. You may besides desire to give it a attempt holding an unforgettable trek to the exuberant flora of the coves and see some lovely. and colourful birds around. Keep in head that. fun ne’er Michigans here in Puerto Galera and you are heartily invited here to slake your thirst of holding a wholesome and amazing summer adventure.

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