Vc More Book 4 Flashcard

What is caused when face hits the winshield versus head hit the winshield on up an over impact?
Face= Hyper extension
Head= axial loading
Three results of a release of acidic or toxic blood after the release of the crush? ***it was an all of the above except on the test***
cardiac dysrhymias
seriously damage the kidneys
severe and difficult to control hemorrhage
difference between rifles and assault rifles?
multiple would and casualties can be expected
What type of gun can shoot both, a SINGLE PROJECTILE and NUMEROUS SPHERES?
what cavity is not void but filled with disrupted tissues som air, fluid and debris?
permanent cavity
What is the area called, “injury of penetration that is slow to heal”?
Zone of injury
in ballistics, the bullet’s velocity and speed of energy exchange, this stage of the destruction process is known as?
what is the path a projectory follows called?
during an initial assessment, when do you care for a serious hemmorrhage ?
Immediately after you correct airway and breathing problems
Three reason why it may be difficult to stop hemorrhage when it comes to crush injuries.
Actual source of bleeding is hard to find
several large vessels may be damaged
and the general conditon of the limb does not support effective direct pressure
in the prehospital setting, when is two times we use wet dressings?
eviscerations or burns(involving small % of bsa)
for a patient with severe mechanism of injury, what do you focus your immediate care on in a rapid trauma assessment?
controlling severe blood loss
What is the most dangerous form or radiation?
Gamma radiation
What are bands of connective tissue that attach muscle to bone?
the flexible nature of the pediatric bone is resposible for this type of fracture?
Greenstick fracture
where should the placement of placement of long padded splints be, for a tib/fib fracture?
laterally and medially
A serious complication to a child is a fracture within a few inches of a joint. What can this fracture cause damage to?
Epiphyseal plate
What is the largest element of the nervous system and occupies most of the cranial cavity?
If a patient is uncouncious from a fall. What motor sensory system may be effected?
ascending reticular activating system
What is responsible for “fine tuning” motor control, balance and muscle tone?
subdural hematoma is venous or arterial bleed?
epidural hematoma is venous or arterial?
What type of device should be used for stable patient with c-spine percautions, in conjunction with backboard?
Vest-type immobilization device
What ribs are the most commonly fractured?
pericardial tamponade is usually caused by what?
penetrating trauma
what is a paradoxical movement of a rib cage dudring respiration?
flail chest
What is the minimum size of a whole in the thoracic cavity to cause an Open Pneumothorax?
2/3 the trachea
How can you gauge the size of someone’s trachea?
look at their pinky
intralatteral is?

Contralatteral is?


Contra-opposite side

is it okay to remove the occlusive dressing if previous personnel put it on before you got there and the patient’s condition is worsening?
Yes…..DO IT!!
Rib fracture treatment, what should you consider?
analgesics to improve chest excursion
Where do you insert a needle T? anatomically and major landmark
mid-clavicular, second intercostal space……….
Landmark: angle of louis
What is a major contraindication to using the PASG?
penetrating Chest trauma
Determining the patients level of orientation provides what?
a baseline reading of the patients mental status against which imporvements/deterioration can be made.
What is not part of the digestive system?
What organ carries the most blood?

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