Values In Literature Essay

What is literature. and what does it hold to make with us today—especially those of us who are analyzing at a “technical” university? When many think of literature. they envision old. dusty. leather-bound books written about people in ages past who spoke queerly ( “Hark! Who goest at that place? ” ) and wore girdles or top chapeaus. But literature is arguably more relevant today in our hustling twenty-first century than of all time before. and reading it can be a merriment. meaningful enterprise. So unfastened your text edition. your head and your bosom and see the joy and inspiration of reading narratives. verse forms and dramas as ne’er before.

Define literature in your ain words.
In what ways do you say reading literature might profit us personally and professionally? What are 3 of the best pieces of fiction you have of all time read? ( Fiction includes narratives. novels or verse forms. and non lifes. factual histories or how-to books. ) What did you like about the 3 narratives?

Your beliefs go your ideas.
Your ideas go your words.
Your words go your actions.
Your actions go your wonts.
Your wonts go your values.
Your values go your fate.
? Mahatma Gandhi

In this class we are analyzing literature. but we are besides researching human values. Woven throughout the fiction. poesy and play we will be reading are considerations such as What is right? What is incorrect? and What makes our lives meaningful? One manner to believe about values is to inquire yourself. “What in my life is most of import to me? Who or what do I value? ”

5. In one or two paragraphs. list 5 of your nucleus values ( ex: household. work. wellness. creativeness. honestness. merriment. spiritualty. freedom. beauty. trueness. etc. —the list is eternal ) and explicate how these values have shaped who you are now and how you feel they will go on to. as Gandhi says. determine your fate.

Part B: Short narrative. “Carnal Knowledge”

This assignment begins the procedure of exposing you to assorted signifiers of short fiction. In Literature to Travel read the short narrative. “Carnal Knowledge” by T. C. Boyle and in 3 to 5 paragraphs. discourse your reaction to the narrative by replying the undermentioned inquiries:

Put yourself in the place of Jim. the supporter. whose values are dramatically different from Alena’s. Why do you believe he is so easy swayed to compromise his beliefs in Alena’s presence? Now imagine that you are Alena ; in what ways does she systematically live out her strong beliefs? Can you sympathize with her passion for justness? In your sentiment. who has more unity. Jim or Alena? Why?

What is the subject. or chief message. of this piece?
Describe Boyle’s tone and usage of sarcasm as a agency of reminding us that our premises about life and people are non ever accurate.

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