Among the benefits of scheduling your study time are:
You will be able to see immediately if you are overextended; You’ll get immediate feedback as to how much you are actually studying;
You’ll feel that you have more time than you ever had before;
You’ll feel much less stressed-out over school

“Procrastination” means:
Doing something you know you shouldn’t do

Self-actualization means:
Becoming what you are most suited for

Self-efficacy is:
Your sense of competence

According to Nathaniel Branden, healthy self-esteem correlates with:
Willingness to admit mistakes, Rationality, Realism, Intuitiveness, Creativity, Independence, Flexibility, Cooperativeness, Benevolence, Ability to manage change

The book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was written by:
Stephen Covey

Steven Covey’s guiding principle in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is:
organize and excel around
¨ Decide what has high personal value (school, family, health, etc)
¨ For each thing that needs to be done decide:
How urgent is it? (Requires immediate attention;
doesn’t require immediate attention)
How important is it based on personal values? (Important; or not important)
¨ Unimportant things whether urgent or not – ignore
¨ Things that are both important and urgent (crisis
management) – must be tended to
¨ Things that are important but not urgent – tending to them is the key to overall effectiveness

Which statement is an example of “stereotyping?”
Women on average live longer than men
; Italians are good cooks ; Engineers care only about things and not about people
; Fat people are jolly

In a challenging math, science, or engineering course the number of hours should you study for each hour the class meets is:
Whatever is required

Good test taking strategies include:
First read over the entire test
; Start with the easier problems
; Check your work carefully
;Avoid jumping from problem to problem

In scheduling your study time:
Schedule blocks of time;
Note both where and what you will study;
Schedule sufficient time to master the material presented in each class before the
next class meeting;

According to Albert E.N. Gray, “The Common Denominator of Success” is:
forming the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do

Your commitment to your study time should match or exceed your commitment to the time you spend attending class because:
When you negotiate away your study time, you are borrowing time from the future
which does not exist

The first step in a systematic approach to analytical problem solving is:
Understand the problem

Jesse Jackson’s “Push for Excellence” program teaches young students that:
You should strive to do your personal best

The most important step is learning from reading is:
Recite what was learned, preferably aloud

“No Deposit, No Return” means:
You will get out of school what you put in

“Productive behaviors” are those that:
Move us closer to our goal

Priority management means:
Do the things that are important

The major difference between doing problems as homework and doing problems on a test is:
Time pressure

“Take it as it comes” as used in the text means:
Keep up in your classes

Finding the proper balance between work and play is important to an engineering student because:
Not getting one’s work done can cause feelings of guilt and worry; A person who works too much can feel deprived and lose their motivation

The basic premise of “behavior modification” is:
We choose our behaviors

A survey of industry representatives conducted by the National Society of Professional Engineers indicated the #1 area in which more coursework was called for was:
Mathematics and science

Engaging in collaborative learning and group study will benefit you because:
You’ll be better prepared for the engineering work world; You’ll learn more; You’ll enjoy studying more

Time is an “equal opportunity” resource because:
everyone has the same amount of time

The difference between open-ended problems and analysis problems is that :
Analysis problems have one right answers; open ended problems have many answers

Anecdote research shows that 90 percent of freshman engineering students virtually 100 percent of their studying alone. This approach to studying is :
An unfortunate because research shows collaborative learning situation to be more effective

What does MBTI identify ?
Personality Type , Self Understanding

To be an effective team leader, one must have:
Proficiency at being a team builder. (communicate, promote, high level of performance)

Most learning in math, science, and engineering comes from;
solving problems

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an effective team member
-not supporting others
-no self interest
-no respect
-no communication

Effective Weekly schedules include :
classes, meeting, work, school and meals

In the long term, the following will keep your stress low EXCEPT :
Stressing about it

A student who brags about staying up all night to study for test most likely does not
does not study from class to class, does not schedule his or her time well, does not understanding the learning process and does not realize the pitfalls of studying alone

James defines a “Discourse” as :
a kind of identity kit that includes specific knowledge, costumes and expectations on how to act talk and write so as to exhibit a particular role that in others in the disclosure will recognize.

Collaboration and cooperation represents a major new paradigm in business and industry, replacing that of
completion which began with the industrial revolution and sway 20th century

Which of the following is at the top of Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs?
Food,Water, Air,Shelter

Which of the following commitments must you make during your college years to become an effective communicator?
positive attitude and a four to five year plan to ensure regular practice.

The MBTI Grew out of the work of :
Carl Jung

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