Urination: Scanty Dark Urine Tx

UB Damp HeatTx: Clear Heat, eliminate Dampness, and disinhibit urination

(CV3 + BL28) Together clear heat and disinhibit dampness
(SP6) Treats all urogenital disease and disinhibits urination
(ST28 +SP9) Disinhibit urination

Herbs: Ba Zheng San

Heart FireTx: Clear the Heart, drain fire

(CV 4 + CV 3)
(HT 5 + HT 9)

Herbs: Modified Dao Chi San

ST FireTx: Clear the Stomach, drain fire

(CV3 + SP6) Enrish Yin and clear heat
(CV12 + TB6 + ST44) Toghether, clear and drain ST Fire

Herbs: Qing Wei San (Clear the ST Powder) + Tao Wei Cheng Qi Tang (Regulate the ST & Order the Qi)

Liver / Gallbladder Damp HeatTx: Clear and disinhibit Damp Heat in the Liver / GB

(CV3 + ST28)
Together clear and disinhibit damp heat and regulate the water passageways

(LV8 + LV2 + GB34)
Together clear and disinhibit damp heat in the LV / GB

Herb: Modified Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

Yin Xu ReTx: Enrich Kidney Yin, downbear Fire

Points: (CV3 + KI10)
Together clear in the yin division

(SP6 + KI3)
Enrich yin and downbear fire

Herb: Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

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