Urbanization Trends

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One of the main factors that contributed for the development of rural areas in most of the poor countries or developing countries would be the large influx of foreign direct investment from the side of the developed countries or industrialized countries. Through the aid of favorable government policies of developing countries like China, Philippines and Brazil, foreign investors began investing their capitals on the said mentioned countries that later on resulted to the booming of their domestic market especially to their major cities.

Another factor that contributed to the rising growth of urbanization in developing countries would be the fast development of technology that can be utilized for nurturing higher economic activity. The integration of technology in the manufacturing sector provided an avenue for manufacturing companies, usually located in the urban areas of most developing countries, to expand and hire more workers coming from the rural areas.

As the manufacturing industry continuous to grow in the urban areas of developing countries through the aid of technological development, workers from the rural areas starts to move from the outskirts of the country towards major cities in search for better job opportunities in the growing manufacturing industry. Like for

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the case of Sao Paulo wherein its population grew from 65,000 in 1890 to 240,000 in 1990’s, a matter of around 3.

5 times growth rate, due to the influx of immigrants from various parts of Europe as it became the chief manufacturing center of Brazil caused by the widespread coffee cultivation brought by vibrant economic condition in the early decades (Gibbons, 1961). At present, Sao Paulo Metropolitan Areas accounts to nearly half of Brazil’s total industrial output, enough reason for people from various countries and rural areas to move towards the said city.

Economic growth of Brazil, as a whole, considering on the booming of urbanization in its major cities including Sao Paulo, robustly improved for the last few decades since manufacturing industry developed in the said country.


Gibbons, W. J. (1961). Growth Trends in Latin American Populations. EBSCOhost. com. Vol. 22 Issue 2, p99-123

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