Urbanization In Traditional And Indistrial Socieies

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Urbanization can simply be defined as the making of a city. Urbanization is the process by which a large number of people become resident in relatively small communities that continues to grow thereby forming a large city. The pattern of urbanization in both traditional and industrial societies differs. The basis for this is found in the fundamental structure of these two societies. A traditional society still has a strong root in the past. It is highly religious and the inhabitants of the society cherish their inherited values and norms.

There is a deep seated devotion to religion as the people are usually religious people. Industrial societies on the other hand are different from traditional societies in that they do not dwell so much on religion. They can be described as secular. In traditional societies, the growth or urbanization can be described as uneven. This is due to the inherent belief in the historical norms and values of the society that can be at variance with urbanization.

Most of the people have a hard time adjusting to the new phenomenon. In the end, the end up not getting in tune with the new phenomenon. Urbanization in traditional societies

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is also uneven. On the other hand, urbanization in an industrial is somewhat uneven as the people are already primed with urbanization. By this, I mean that urbanization is already going on around them. It is not a novel idea so the people seldom have problems attuning themselves to urbanization.

Moreover, industrial societies already have the ingredient for urbanization as the machinery to put up the physical structure is there. In this sense, urbanization in industrial societies is somewhat more even than in traditional societies. In conclusion, urbanization in both industrial and traditional societies is quite different as they occur in different patterns, depending on both the level of technology and the willingness of the people to accept it, among other things.

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