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Harmonizing to Tom Harris. urban fables are modern fictional narratives or myths passed “from individual to individual and often have the elements of cautiousness. horror or wit. ” Most of the urban fables are ever false though some have proven true. They are largely ever inspired by a true narrative but tend to alter in the class of transmittal from one individual to another. Furthermore. it is difficult to follow back an urban fable to its beginning. this is because it seems to come from everyplace with little fluctuation each clip.

James M. Henslin. on the other manus describes an urban fable as “a pleasurably entertaining tale” the truth of which is unobjective. Thematically. they are characterized by some elements of horror. warning embarrassment. wit. entreaty to empathy and morality. Their unexpected turns though ever eldritch. are sometimes so sensible adequate to be taken as the truth. One illustration of an urban fable is that is exemplified by Harris is called the Vegas “organ harvesters” .

In this fable. it is reported that a adult male meets a adult female in an Vegas saloon and have a drink together. the perceiver seemingly relates how the two hit it off but at one clip the adult male passes out. The narrative adds that the adult male subsequently wakes up to happen himself in a bathing tub covered in ice. There is a phone near him and a note stating him to “call 911 or you will decease. ” When he is taken to infirmary. he the physician tell him that he had a major surgery and one of his kidneys had been taken.

This narrative. though non true has the basic elements of an urban fable. First it has an component of horror in it ; the adult male recognizing that his kidney has been harvested. It besides encompasses an component of cautiousness. Vegas being among the most widely visited topographic points on Earth ; the cautiousness is to avoid meeting people you do non cognize so good. Of the two writers. Thomas Harris is clearer and I agree with him in most of his dissection of urban fables.

His simple illustrations and method of following back a fable to its most likely beginning is interesting. In my ain position. urban fables are good in some ways. One is that by admonishing people on what to make and what non to make. they make people careful about what they do. Furthermore they besides entertain.


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