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All of their products are award winning, the latest being was mini TV series “Pin Dan ‘pin” which recently won the Best Film (Animation) in the Koala Lump International Film Festival 2007 Their efforts are to produce the film is basically to assist the government in creating interest to the investors and people in general, towards our animation industry. Animation is a new industry which has been identified by the Malaysian Government as the next economic growth area. It has high potential to generate revenue for the country and create employment opportunities for the people. Mission Less’ Copious Production Sad.

Bad. ‘s mission statement can be best derived from our own company’s name. We use this mentality to the way we do our work, in giving our best in creating our own Intellectual Property (P) with the highest quality possible. Therefore, we use this mentality to the way we do our work, in giving our best in creating our own Intellectual Property (P) with the highest quality possible. Goal To be a media production company that specializes in creating an IP that showcases local talents and Malaysian culture. We also aim to be a platform for young Malaysian talents to showcase their own limitless imagination.

We believe that by doing so, we will be the driving force in elevating the Malaysian media-based industry. Logo “The frog is, however, outside the coconut shell, which symbolizes our eagerness to dream big and our abilities to think outside of the box. ” Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. ‘s logo is a little frog which is often seen perching on top of a coconut shell. The symbol was born from a Malay proverb ‘Bag Kate did bah tempering which literally translates to ‘a frog under a coconut shell’. The proverb addresses people who remain stagnant and take no initiative to step outside to venture out into the world.

Less’ Copious Business Objective Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. Business objective can be best derived from our own company name. The name Less’ Copious came from the Malay term ‘Last Kopeck, meaning the last card you can take in a card game that you put all your hopes and dreams on. Therefore we use this mentality with the way we do our work, in giving our best in creating our own Intellectual Property (P) with the highest quality possible. The main goal however, is to be a media production company that specializes in creating our own IP that showcases our own local talents and Malaysian culture.

They also aim to be a platform for young Malaysian talents to showcase their own limitless imagination. They believe by doing so as above, they will be the driving force in elevating the Malaysian media-based industry. 1. 2. 1 Production Team At Less’ Copious Production they manage the animation processes into several department and division. Their production team’s member not only young and talented but mostly are trained to be multitasking and work in a team. With young and fresh idea, they always make sure the production quality is up to the standard and most importantly delivered in time.

Here are some of the departments in Less’ Copious: Scripts and Idea Development Concepts and Designs Layout and Storyboard Audio and Music AD Modeling AD Animation Lighting and Rendering Composition and Special Effects 1. 2. 2 Less’ Copious Market and Trend All Over The World The Malaysia’s favorite kid’s show Pin & ‘pin is now going International with Disney Channel Asia. Less Copious Production Sad. Bad. The developer and producer of Pin & ‘pin signed a “Broadcast License Agreement” with Disney Channel Asia which basically translates that Disney will broadcast the series and film on their platform.

About the association between Disney Channel Asia and Less Copious, Mood Fizz bin Mood Hawaiian, Art Director, Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. Says, “It began when we invited Disney Asia to the launching of our feature film, “GENE : The Adventure Begins” back in 2009. They gave us some very positive feedbacks but didn’t acquire our show right away. It was only later once we’ve produced “Pin & ‘pin and friends” as a full series that they approached us. And we’ve been working together ever since”.

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Pin & ‘pin has been airing on Disney Channel Asia since the year-end holidays in 2009, every Monday to Friday at pm. According to the Agreement 17 territories under Disney Channel Asia will air Pin & ‘pin which includes Tumor Lest, Indonesia, Philippines, Manner, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. About working with Disney Asia Fizz asserts, “Needless to say, it is a great opportunity to get to work with such a big name in animation. The fact that our shows are being broadcasted on Disney, affirms that our products’ quality and values are of international standards, and they bring us to amazing mileage.

While it is fun to work with such a great company, it is not without challenge as they have detailed acquirement and high expectations that need to be delivered”. Currently Spin & ‘pin is being aired on TV in Malaysia, ENACT for Indonesia, Curia TV for Singapore and also Hall TV for Turkey. 1. 2. 3 Less’ Copious digital marketing activities Less’ Coppice’s products and services I) LLC GARMENTS & APPARELS SAD. BAD LLC GARMENTS & APPARELS SAD. BAD. Was established on June 11, 2013 at NO 18, Clan Badminton 13/29, Sense 13, 40100 Shah Alma, Clangor.

We are a subsidiary of merchandise, which is the company responsible for making, selling and distributing original merchandise Pin & ‘pin animation. It is a 100% indigenous business under Ministry of Finance Malaysia as a company carrying print and embroidery services on the basis of a fabric such as shirts and hats. In addition, we also provide services supplying t-shirt, hat, overalls, sports shirts, bandannas, shirts chef, chef hats and other types of clothing. Our company is also supplying educational equipment such as laboratory equipment and workshop equipment for the needs of public and private educational institutions. ‘) LLC MERCHANDISING SAD. BAD. (LLC) LLC Merchandising Sad Bad (LLC) is the subsidiary company under Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. They handle the production of the merchandises and manage the licensees in manufacturing and distributing a big range of original Pin & ‘pin products. They also create a wide type of products based on Lisp’s intellectual properties (P) such as “Gene: Penumbrae Bermuda” and “Pin & ‘pin” under IS&I Boutique. Pin & ‘pin has appeared on many different kinds of merchandise. Pin & ‘pin was produced as plush toys and figurines, and their image has graced almost everything from t-shirts to lunch boxes.

Other product that wholly owned by LLC is Kelly Pin & ‘pin, one way to appreciate and gather all Pin & ‘pin fans for their continuous support. LLC organizes their own huge event like “Carnival Pin & ‘pin” that has been proven to attract thousands of people. Pin & ‘pin mascot will also make their appearance to meet and greet their fans and always been the center of attraction whenever they come out. Iii) Less’ Copious Games Development Incorporated (LOGIC) Less’ Copious Production has branched out another subsidiary called Less’ Copious Games Development Incorporated (LOGIC).

LOGIC, which was established in March 010, specializes in developing games based on ‘Pin & ‘pin’ for the PC and mobile. LOGIC has previously collaborated with Apple and have produced an application for the phone, pod Touch and pad called ‘Pocket ‘pin’, where users are able to play with ‘pin by tickling him or giving him fried chicken to eat. ‘Pocket Pin’ followed soon after, where users are able to interact with Pin as well. In October 2012, LOGIC released their third game called ‘Pin & ‘pin Dash’ where the player has to collect points by racing Pin & ‘pin through the busy marketplace.

In March 2013, LOGIC plopped an application that utilizes the Augmented Reality technology for Spin & ‘pin magazines, the first in Malaysia. This allows readers to view Pin & ‘pin in AD forms while reading the magazine. Currently, LOGIC is hard at work on perfecting the Pin & ‘pin game and the Spin & ‘pin interactive children’s storybook for the pad. Iv) LCP Animation Training Centre Less’ Copious Animation Training Centre is a another subsidiary of Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. With a nature of business in developing human capital in the industry through the training courses provided.

Throughout the years, a significant number of talents had been produced through the promoted training module and likewise most of them had been initially being absorbed into the parent company as the staff in a particular department – LLC Training had also contributed to the industry by delivering capable and fully equipped talents in the form of those who wish to seek the opportunity elsewhere instead of eventually being part of the parent company that is Less’ Copious Production Sad. Bad. Respectively. ) Genes Corner Genes Corner was the first venture into the Restaurant chain and as its name suggest, Genes Corner was basically a spin-off and revolved around the popularity of the movie Gene: Penumbrae Bermuda and of course its star attraction the iconic Pin & ‘pin. Through-out the years Genes Corner had become a favorite dining spot for family. V’) Asked Make Pin & ‘pin properties (IP) such as “Gene: Pungent Boutique. Lapin & ‘pin has appeared or Pin was produced as plush toys and f’: everything from t-shirts to lunch boxes Kelly Opinion & Pin, one way to appreciate continuous support.

LLC organizes TFH that has been proven to attract thousand make their appearance to meet and gar; I) Less’ Copious Games Development II Less’ Copious Production has branched Games Development Incorporated (LLC 2010, specializes in developing games LOGIC has previously collaborated With the phone, pod Touch and Pad called Pin by tickling him or giving him fried after, where users are able to interact released their third game called ‘Pin points by racing Pin & Pin through TTT developed an application that utilizes t Pin magazines. The first in Malaysia, TTT forms while reading the magazine.

Cur opinion & Pin game and the Pin & Pin Less’ Copious Animation Training Centre Production Sad. 8th_ with a nature oft industry through the training courses number of talents had been produced likewise most of them had been initial the staffing a particular department -L by delivering capable and fully equip seek the opportunity elsewhere Instead( company that is Less’ Copious Products. V) Gene’s Corner Gene’s Corner was the first venture Into suggest, Gene’s Corner was basically a the movie Gene: Penumbrae Beryl_ Lapin & Pin. Through-out the years Germ for tamely. I) Asked Make Pulp & Pin Asked Make Pin & ‘pin is the latest F&B buss Copious Production Sad. Bad. That apparently popularity of Pin & ‘pin as a whole. Significant different from the original Genes Corner in a F avenue that serves fast food with the twists Malay dishes. Up to date, Asked Make Pin & Shah Alma, Melamine and the latest being in Midi 2. 0 THE COMPANY DIGITAL MAGNETIC ACTIVE 2. 1 Less’ Coppice’s online value proposition An online value proposition of Less’ Copious is which answers questions like: who we are ha what makes us different?

But it’s more than Jus what Less’ Copious can offer in way of content, engage online customers. The POP extends HTH reasons why customers will click on, return, re feel motivated enough to share their experience here the customer increasingly defines the b Less’ Copious state that the customer can get doing online purchase of Pin, register a watch previous episodes of the cartoons in You platform Official Website www. Electroscope. Com www. Panamanian. Com. My Official Backbone backbone. Com/kleptomaniacs Online Merchandise wry. Pinsetter. Com Official Blob http://Panamanian. Com. My/blob/ Official Twitter @Electroscope @Escalloping Official Mainstream @phonologically 3. 0 LESS COPIOUS ONLINE MARKETPLACE ANALYSIS 3. 1 Micro- Economic Micro-environment can be defined as the forces closely influencing the company ND directly affect the organization’s relationships. It is under control of the organization. Under micro-environment, the actors called it as stakeholders are consisting of the customers, competitors, intermediaries and others. 3. 1. Customers, Intermediaries and Competitors Customers In organizational market, there are typically fewer customers who likely to the product in a bulk quantities and the buyer organization tend to be larger and subsequently of great value to the supplier. As a company that have both BIB and BBC marketing, Less Copious have wide range of customers that Less Copious needs o focus on providing a good products and services to the customer. Business-to- Business Market Industrial Market Less Copious falls under Creative multimedia (animation) industry in Malaysia and can be considered as market leader and market stimulus of the industry.

By come out with fresh ideas of Malay culture with some traditional appeals, it catches most of people’s attention in all over Malaysia. The main customers of Less Copious are Television Station. The television stations are mostly targeted market as Less Copious is mainly producing animation series such as Pin Dan ‘pin, Putter and Pad Zamia Dull. Not only have that, Less Copious also produced films and educational advertisement that emphasize on morality and advises.

Radio Television Malaysia (RTFM) Media panama Bertha ( TV, .NET, TV, TV) AY-Hegira Media Corporation (TV AY-Hegira) Trans Corporation ( Trans TV)- Indonesia Televise Appendices Indonesia Televise Republic Indonesia Disney Channel (Asian Countries) AY-Hall -rev (Hall TV)- Turkey Currently the more television companies from South Africa, Philippine, Argentina and other countries are waiting to get the opportunities to grab Less Copious animation reduce as it upraise the traditional culture of Malaysian with global appeals.

Government market Government bodies and agencies are customers of Less Copious as they require the service and product of Less Copious to carry out the activities. They are focusing on the advertisement made by Less Copious to convey the message to the public. It is including the safety advertisement, education advertisement, health advertisement, anti-crime advertisement, government policies and many more. These advertisement are mainly aired at RTFM as it government channels but slowly the same advertisement are aired at Media Prima channels too.

Business-to-consumer Market For business to consumer market, Less Copious is focusing on internal customers and eternal customers. For external market Less Copious has not only produce animation products, but also focusing on another item that are mainly based on the character of Pin and ‘pin the series. It is including apparels, books, discs, stationeries, household items, bags, gifts and food. The target markets of this product are kids and toddlers. But it cannot be denied that product of Less Copious also gained their fans from teenagers and adults.

This is proven as Less Copious opened their own restaurant with focusing on Malay cuisine as its core of the restaurant to serve the customers. Intermediaries Less Copious is fully utilizing the roles of internet in their business operation. They are used a lot of intermediaries to reach their customers it is including: Backbone page Twitter Blobs Youth Channel Line Application Mainstream As they are diligent in organize and updating their schedules and information on these channel, the fan of Less Copious products are well-informed about the activities and the latest news about the company.

Affiliates Competitors The main competitor of Less Copious is Animists Studios Sad Bad. Animists can be considered as the strong and nearest rival as they produce the animation based series. The first product that being produce by Animists is BIOYIOP the series that currently airing at TV. The founder of this company, Muhammad Ninja Abdul Raze, Sham Said and Mood Caftan Abdul Karri were originating from Less Copious.

They were together with Less Copious at the times of making Less Copious first film, Gene: The adventure begins but three of them left afterwards. The main reason they left the company is the clash of concept that been introduced as they ant to focus more on urban and superhero concept in the animation while Less Copious focusing more on Malaysian traditional culture backgrounds in their animation. 3. 1. 2 Research tools for accessing digital marketing Google Google can be considered as a powerful company that can be a tool to reach digital marketing.

It is because Google has the best sources of accurate tools for analysis including: Google Search It is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, handling more than three billion searches each day Google Towards – Display Planner Ideas to help you get started. Ideas for keywords, placements, and all other Display Network targeting methods help you plan your campaign. Google Insight Provides a visual representation of regional interest on a country’s map. It displays top searches and rising searches that may help with keyword research.

Results can be narrowed down with categories that are displayed for each search terms. Google Trends Shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search- volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. Google Outboard The Outboard lets you explore insights from Google research studies, share them tit others, and create your own custom informatics. Google Webmaster Tools. Allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. . 1. 3 Analysis on competitor’s using Portal 5 Forces Industry Competition: Even though Less Copious becomes a market leader in Creative multimedia (animation) industry, the existence of Animists Studios as a rival will shake their market leader position. The different concept that been introduced by both company cannot be count as they are still in the same industry. Power of Supply: The main product that produced by Less Copious is the animation. The main supplies hat are needed are human capital and skills.

Less Copious has their own training center to establish the skills of the staff. Threat of substitutes: For the animation industry, the substitutes of the product are including local and international dramas, films, cartoons, documentaries, talk shows and reality shows that have been aired on the television. The time and days of airing is the most important factor to be considered to ensure that the consumer will prefer Less Copious production. Power of Buyer: As the major buyer are the television station companies, the bargaining power of the buyer are quite high.

It is because Less Copious has to fight for the good airing time and slot to grab the viewer’s attention. Barriers to entry: The highest barrier of Less Copious is technology aspect as the types of technologies used by Less Copious are not well Develop in Malaysia. To have these applications, the company has to search for the availability of it in the outside of the country. 3. 2 Macro- Economic 3. 2. 1 Politic Aspect Less Copious has close engagement the Government as provide the support that Less Copious needs.

There are: AGENCIES MADE – To market our animation domestically & globally such as brought LCP to International Film Festival in Cannes, France in 2009 MIMOSA – Provide facilities of rendering for their 1st film – Gene: The adventures Begin. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT MOST’ Financial support from E-Content fund of ARM 1 mil Malaysian Ministry of culture, Arts and Tourism – Financial support in total ARM kick for promotion as part of Visit Malaysia Campaign in 2008 RTFM as a media platform to promote animation product for general viewer. . 2. 2 Economic Aspect After done market research, the director manager found that there are high demands in animation production as there are not available well-known local many that producing good animations yet and it is only the cartoon and animation that being sponsor by the government to the small group of freelancer in RTFM, Less Copious see this environment as a good opportunities for them to enter the industry.

After enter the industry with the first film, Gene: The adventures Begin, Return on Investment only after 3 years establishment as it took 2 years (2006-2008) mainly to complete the animation and for R purposes, had a turnover of ARM 6. 3 million in the Malaysia box office-among the highest ranked movie in best-ticket selling and recorded a profit of ARM million. . 2. 3 Social Aspect As the company is originated locally from Malaysia, Less Copious knows the culture of this country too well, this is the main reason of the animation of Less Copious is easily accepted by the Malaysian.

Not only that, Less Copious use the internet to the fullest to make the customer anticipate with the Less Copious products such as provide some thriller for the viewer, update some schedule and activities. The engagement of Less Copious can be considered as good as Less Copious have make carnivals, exhibition, concert specially for the fan and the consumers of Less Copious products. 3. 2. Technology Aspect The using of technology in animation is vital especially in the software application which is graphics and animation applications. Main software for AD software: Attitudes Maya.

Supporting graphics and editing software: Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Photos Adobe Auditions A few more minor programs 3. 2. 5 Environment Aspect To be a market leader, Less Copious should be up to date with the environment change. The needs and wants of the consumer always keep changing time to time. If Less Copious fails to understand the environment, they will to lose in market share and trading. The company should develop the capacity to respond to the environment change by developing strategic agility that adhere them with knowledge so the renovation and changes can be made for advance purpose.

By doing some market research, Less Copious know that this industry is worth as there are no established firm that has been done in the animation market and Less Copious is willing to take the challenges suitable with their motto. 3. 2. 6 Legal Aspect As Less Copious is producing our own product that has intellectual property, there are several act, rules and regulation that can be used to protect Less Copious animation product. In Malaysia, the intellectual property that is protected under the laws of patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and layout designs of integrated circuits.

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