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Proof of English and/or Filipino proficiency shall be required of students whose | |Master’s Degree Program |native language is not English or Filipino, except those who graduated from | | |institutions where the medium of instruction is English or Filipino. |Admission into a Master’s program shall require |For English proficiency, a score of at least 500 if paper-based or 173 if computer| |a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning; |based or 61 Internet based Test, in the Test of English as a Foreign Language | |intellectual capacity & aptitude for advanced studies & research; |(TOEFL) shall be required. Information about this test may be obtained from | |language proficiency; |Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA.

| |satisfaction of additional University requirements such as a health clearance and |For Filipino proficiency, a certification shall be required rom a duly authorized| |other special admission requirements that may be imposed by the head of the unit |unit of the University. | |concerned and/or appropriate Graduate Committee/ Office, through channels. |REQUIREMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED | | |In order that application for admission may be processed, the following documents | |Doctoral Degree Program |should be submitted directly to the respective college offering the intended | | |program. |For admission to a doctoral program, an applicant must satisfy the following |official transcript of academic record of undergraduate work (and graduate work, | |minimum requirements for admission: |if any) – one original and two photocopies; | |possession of a bachelor’s degree, in the case of a direct doctoral program, or a |For evaluation purposes, photocopies of records may be accepted provided they are | |master’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher |properly authenticated (in the case of foreign applicants, by the Department of | |learning; |Education or by duly designated authorities in the country of the applicant).

|intellectual capacity & aptitude for advanced studies & research; |Final admission will be subject to verification of documents submitted against the| |language proficiency; and |original copies of credentials. Certified English translations should also be | |a health certificate and other additional and special admission requirements that |submitted, where necessary. | |may be imposed by the University and the head of the College/unit or Graduate |Applications accompanied by photocopies of academic records not properly | |Office/Committee concerned, through channels. |authenticated will not be processed.

| | two written recommendations from former professors or experts in the field; | |Diploma Degree Program |duly accomplished application for admission form, including two (2) passport-size | | |photographs; | |Admission into a Diploma Degree Program shall require |marriage contract (for married women applicants); | |a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning; |certification of English/Filipino language proficiency; | |high intellectual capacity; |a non-refundable application fee (minimum of P100. 00 for Filipino citizens, | |language proficiency; and |P200. 00 for resident aliens, and US$25. 00 for non-resident aliens, depending on | |satisfaction of additional University requirements such as a health clearance and |the college). |other special admission requirements that may be imposed by the head of the |Credentials filed in support of the application become the property of the | |College/unit, through channels. |University of the Philippines and will not be returned to the applicant.

| | |All applications must be received on or before February 15 for those enrolling in | |A student in a Diploma program may opt to proceed to a Master’s program upon |the first semester and on or before July 30 for those enrolling in the second | |approval of the Dean/Director, through channels. |semester. Some colleges may set a different deadline for filing. | | | | IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS |Visa application form (FA Form No. 2); | | |Police Clearance issued by the national police authorities in the student’s | |A foreign student may be allowed to enroll if he has any of the following types of|country of origin or legal residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign | |visa: |Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place; and medical certificate | |9(f) – student visa |(FA Form No. 1) in triplicate duly accomplished by the physician designated by | |9(e), 9(e-1) or 9(e-2) – foreign government official or dependent |the Philippine Consulate to perform the examination together with life-size chest | |47(a) (2) – exchange fellow or scholar sponsored by an international organization |X-ray film and laboratory reports; and | |9(g) – pre-arranged employment (working visa/missionary) |Police Clearance issued by the national police authorities in the student’s | |PD 218 – foreign investor |country of origin or legal residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign | |9(d) – treaty trader |Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place; and police clearance | |13, 13(a) to 13 (g) – permanent resident |from where you have been permanently residing.

| |SRRV – Special Resident Retiree Visa |Upon arrival in the Philippines, report to the OSA for your study permit. |SIRV – Special Investor Resident Visa |DEADLINES set by the Department of Foreign Affairs for the student visa | |Visas other than student visa may be applied for at the Philippine |applications: | |Consulate/Embassy in the student’s home country. |For First Semester Applicants – April 15 | |Applying for a Student Visa |For Second Semester Applicants – September 30 | |A. Foreign students who are still abroad |B.

Applying for Conversion of Visa status to that of Student | |Upon receipt of the official letter of admission from the University of the |An alien admitted into the Philippines under any visa category may apply at the | |Philippines, apply for a student visa by submitting the following in three (3) |Bureau of Immigration for the change/conversion of his admission status to that of| |sets (original copy and 2 photocopies) to the International Students Program |a student. | |(ISP), Office of Student Activities (OSA), University of the Philippines Diliman, |Requirements to be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration through ISP. | |Quezon City, 1101 Philippines at least three (3) months before the start of the |Written indorsement from the school for the change/conversion of the admission | |semester. status of the alien to that of a student; | |Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records (original & two photocopies), duly |Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear impression of | |authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the applicant’s |the school’s official dry seal; | |country of origin or legal residence; |Proof of adequate financial support to cover expenses for the student’s | |A notarized Affidavit of Support including bank statements or notarized notice of |accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental | |grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the students accommodation |expenses; | |and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses; |Scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post | |Original & 2 photocopies of Notice of Acceptance (NOA)/Admission Letter from the |located in the student’s country of origin or legal residence; | |University containing a clear impression of the University’s dry seal; |Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authorities in the | |Six (6) copies of the Original Personal History Statement (PHS), duly accomplished|student’s country of origin or residence duly authenticated by the Philippine | |and signed by the applicant in English and in national alphabet, accompanied by |Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place for a student who| |personal seal, if any, left and right thumb mark prints on PHS and original 2×2 |resided in the Philippines for less than 59 days.

|photos on plain white background taken not more than six months prior to |However, for a student who resided in the Philippines for more than 59 days at the| |submission; |time he applies for the said change/conversion of his admission status to that of | |Passport pages where name, photo, birth date and birthplace appear. Photocopy of|a student, he shall also be required to submit the National Bureau of | |data page of the student’s passport showing date and place of birth, and birth |Investigation (NBI) clearance. | |certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service|Quarantine Medical Examination by the National Quarantine Office; | |Post. Copy of the student’s Personal History Statement signed by the student with a 2 x | |Report to the designated Philippine embassy/consulate upon appropriate notice and |2-inch photograph recently taken; and | |submit the following: | | |Original copy of the school’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear | | |impression of the school’s dry seal; | | |Photocopy of the photo, data and stamp of the latest arrival pages of the passport|This does not include travel, clothing, and other incidental expenses. Expenses | |of the student.

The passport itself shall be presented to this Office for |might go higher depending on the prevailing economic conditions and on the | |verification. |lifestyle of the students. | |INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS PROGRAM |Financial Assistance | |The Office of International Students Program assists foreign students in obtaining|USVA Educational Assistance Program. The University of the Philippines is a | |their study permits and student visa, and in their accommodations and arrival, as |USVA-approved institution. Enrolled US veterans or their children entitled under | |well as academic and social adjustments in the University. Chapter 34 or 35, Title 38, United States Code receive educational assistance | |All communications regarding foreign students aside from admission matters should |allowance from the US government, the amount to be determined by the USVA, | |be addressed to the Director, International Students Program.

|provided they carry at least 14 units a semester. | |FINANCIAL INFORMATION |Loans. Student loans are granted by the University for tuition fees or part | |Fees* |thereof. Application must be made with the Student Loan Board, Office of | |Graduate applicants pay a non-refundable application fee of a minimum of P100.

00|Scholarships & Student Services, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon | |for Filipinos, P200. 00 for resident aliens, and US$25 or its equivalent in |City. |Philippine pesos for non-resident aliens, depending on the college. |Graduate Assistantships. Open to graduate students with good grades in the | |The matriculation fees (i.

e. , tuition, miscellaneous, and student fund) range from|University, this position pays P42. 00 an hour, not to exceed 100 hours a month. | |P4,661. 50 to P31,490.

50 for a maximum of 12 units. To this amount should be added| | |P100 deposit and P30 entrance fee. Laboratory fees range from P150 to P1800 per |OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION | |laboratory subject, depending on the college. | |All fees are subject to change upon approval of the Board of Regents. |Study Load | |Education Development Fee |The normal study load of a full-time student shall be nine (9) to twelve (12) | |All foreign graduate students are required to pay the Education Development Fee |units per semester of formal graduate courses and eight (8) to ten (10) units per | |(EDF) as follows: |trimester.

|Per Semester Per Summer | | |Resident Aliens US$250 US$100|Grade Requirement | |Non-Resident Aliens US$500 US$200 |The Cumulative Weighted Average Grade (CWAG) shall be based on all courses taken | |Estimated Personal Expenses of a Foreign Student |by the student in his/her approved Program of Study, including those taken in | |( subject to change) |compliance with the Residence Rules. | |One Year |To remain in good standing, a student must maintain the required CWAG in his/her | |(Two Semesters) |course work at the end of each academic year until the completion of the Program | |Lodging** (10 months) |of Study. | |International Center (800-1500/mo. ) P 20,000 |DOCTORAL: 1.

75 | |+ Electric Appliances (500/mo. |MASTER’S: 2. 0 | |Board (P12000/mo. for 10 months) 120,000 |DIPLOMA: 2. 0 | |School Related Materials & Equipment 100,000 | | |Rental (P10000/mo. for 10 months) |Residence Rules | |Personal allowances (P5000/mo.

for 50,000 The student must be officially enrolled in residence at least one (1) academic | |10 months) |year prior to the conferment of the degree. The counting of the period of | |Laundry (P1500/mo. for 10 months) 15,000 |residence shall start from the student’s first enrollment in a graduate course | |Total P 305,000 |after admission into the graduate program and shall include all leaves of absence | |____________________ |from the program. |*Under government regulations, the University can accept for the payment of fees |Time limit for the completion | |only cash, postal money orders, cablegrams or telegraphic transfers, certified |DOCTORAL: 6 years for a student who enters the doctoral program with a Master’s | |cashier’s checks, and manager’s checks. Personal checks are not acceptable. |degree or its equivalent in the same discipline and eight (8) years for one who | |**Private boarding houses may charge P3,000 to P7,000 a month.

|enters the doctoral program with a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in an | | |unrelated discipline. | |MASTER’S: 5 years | | |DIPLOMA: 2 years | |ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES |Special Students | |Climate |A mature student, even if he does not fully satisfy the entrance requirements, may| |The climate in the Philippines is tropical and generally pleasant. There are two |be admitted as a special student and may enroll for such subjects which, in the | |seasons: the rainy season from June to October and the dry season from November |opinion of the instructor and the Dean, he has the necessary information and | |to May. |ability to pursue profitably. He shall not be allowed to enroll for more than 9 | |Currency |units a semester or to register for more than two years, except by special | |The monetary unit is the peso.

The conversion rate of a US dollar depends upon |permission of the Dean.Subjects taken shall be non-credit although his work may | |the conversion rate of the Central Bank at the time of enrollment. * |be reported at the end of each semester as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”. | |ADMISSION OF NON-REGULAR STUDENTS |Cross-Registration | |Non-Degree Students |A student registered in another collegiate institution and who wishes to | |A degree holder who is not currently enrolled in any other institution of higher |cross-register in U.

P. ust present a written permit from his Dean, Director, or | |learning may be allowed to take credit courses on the graduate level without |Registrar. The permit shall state the total number of units for which the student| |following a formal degree program provided that he satisfies the appropriate |may be registered and the subjects that he is authorized to take in the | |requirements for admission to the University. He shall not be allowed to enroll |University.

His photograph with his signature at the back and signed across by | |for more than one semester, except by permission of the Dean of the College |his Dean, Director, or Registrar must be attached to the permit. |concerned and the University Registrar. | | |LIST OF GRADUATE PROGRAMS | |College of Architecture |School of Economics | |Master of Architecture |Master in Development Economics | |Master of Tropical Landscape Architecture |Master of Arts (Economics) | |Certificate in Building Technology Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) | |College of Arts & Letters |College of Education | |Master of Arts (Araling Pilipino; Art Studies; Comparative Literature; Creative |Master of Arts in Education | |Writing; English Studies; Filipino; Spanish; Speech Communication; Theatre Arts; |Doctor of Philosophy in Education: | |German; French Language) |College of Engineering | |Doctor of Philosophy (Comparative Literature; Creative Writing; English Studies; |Diploma in Industrial Engineering | |Filipino; Hispanic Literature; Philippine Studies) |Diploma in Remote Sensing | |Asian Center |Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering | |Master in Philippine Studies |Master of Science (Materials Science & Engineering; Remote Sensing) | |Master of Arts in Asian Studies |Master of Science in Chemical Engineering | |Master in Asian Studies |Master of Science in Civil Engineering | |Master of Arts in Philippine Studies |Master of Science in Computer Science | |Doctor of Philosophy (Philippine Studies) |Master of Science in Electrical Engineering | |College of Business Administration |Master of Science in Energy Engineering | |Master of Business Administration |Master of Science in Environmental Engineering | |Master of Science in Finance |Master of Science in Industrial Engineering |MS Management |Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering | |Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) |Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering | |___________ |Doctor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering)| |*Due to prevailing economic conditions, the exchange rate is floating | | |Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical Engineering; Electrical & Electronics Engineering; |National College of Public Administration & Governance | | |Energy Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering) |Diploma in Public Management | | |Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science |Diploma in Voluntary Sector Management | | |Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering |Master of Public Administration | | |Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering |Doctor of Public Administration | | |Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science | | | |College of Fine Arts |College of Science | | |Master of Fine Arts |Diploma in Biology | | |College of Home Economics Diploma in Chemistry | | |Diploma in Early Childhood Development |Diploma in Environmental Science | | |Master of Family Life & Child Development |Diploma in Mathematics | | |Master of Hotel Restaurant & Institution Management |Diploma in Meteorology | | |Master of Home Economics |Diploma in Physics | | |Master of Interior Design |Master of Arts (Mathematics; Physics) | | |Master of Science (Food Science; Nutrition) |Master of Science (Applied Mathematics; Biology; Chemical Education; Chemistry; | | |Doctor of Philosophy (Food Science; Home Economics; Nutrition) |Environmental Science; Geology; Marine Science; Materials Science & Engineering; | | |College of Human Kinetics |Mathematics; Meteorology; Microbiology; Molecular Biology & Biotechnology; | | |Diploma in Exercise & Sports Sciences |Physics; Professional Masters in Applied Math) | | |Master of Science in Human Movement Science|Doctor of Philosophy (Biology; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Geology; Marine | |Institute of Islamic Studies |Science; Materials Science & Engineering; Mathematics; Meteorology; Molecular | | |Master of Arts (Islamic Studies) |Biology & Biotechnology; Physics) | | |School of Labor & Industrial Relations | | | |Diploma in Industrial Relations |College of Social Sciences & Philosophy | | |Master of Industrial Relations |Diploma in Bioethics | | |College of Law |Master in International Studies | | |Juris Doctor |Master in Population Studies | | |School of Library & Information Science |Master of Arts (Anthropology; Demography; History; Linguistics; Philosophy; | | |Diploma in Librarianship |Political Science; Psychology; Sociology) | | |Master of Library & Information Science |Master of Arts Honors (Political Science) | | |College of Mass Communication |Master of Science Geography | |MA (Communication: Communication Research) |Master of Science in Bioethics | | |MA Media Studies (Broadcasting; Journalism; Film) |Doctor of Philosophy (Anthropology; History; Linguistics; Philippine Studies; | | |Doctor of Philosophy (Communication) |Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology) | | |College of Music | | | |Diploma in Ethnomusicology |College of Social Work & Community Development | | |Master of Music |Diploma in Community Development | | |Ph. D. n Music | | | |Diploma in Community Organizing | | | |Diploma in Social Work | | | |Diploma in Women & Development | | | |Master of Community Development | | | |Master of Social Work | | |Master of Arts (Women & Development) | | | |Doctor in Social Development | | | |School of Statistics | | | |Master of Statistics | | | |Master of Science (Statistics) | | | |Doctor of Philosophy (Statistics) | | | |School of Urban & Regional Planning | | | |Diploma in Urban & Regional Planning | | | |Master of Arts (Urban & Regional Planning) | | | |Master of Science in Regional Development Planning | | | |Doctor of Philosophy in Urban & Regional Planning | | |Archaeological Studies Program | | | |Diploma in Archaeology | | | |Master of Arts (Archaeology) | | | |Master of Science (Archaeology) | | | |Ph. D.

Archaeology | | | |Technology Management Center | | | |Diploma in Technology Management | | | |Master of Technology Management | | | |U. P. Extension Program in Pampanga | | | |Master of Management | | | |U. P.Extension Program in Olongapo | | | |Master of Management | | | | | | |

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