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Many people have dissensions on the decease punishment. My sentiment on this statement is that we should get rid of the decease punishment from our condemnable penalty system. As person one time said two wrongs do non do a right and I think that he is right. It is non making justness killing another individual because that individual killed person. My friend says this “If the individual didn’t mean to kill them they should populate but. if they wanted to kill them so they should die” ( Holeman ) .

More than half of the states in the universe have abolished capital penalty from jurisprudence or pattern. Some of these states that have abolished it. to us are considered 3rd universe states. Are we any better than these 3rd universe states if we still use the decease punishment and they don’t? A sum of 109 states have abolished the decease punishment. 749 captives have been executed since capital penalty was resumed in 1977.

About all the provinces in the U. S. use the deadly injection if they even have the decease punishment. Electrocution that used to be widely used is now the 2nd most used. Very few provinces use the gas chamber. hanging. and firing squad and most of the provinces have lethal injection as a secondary. Most people see the deadly injection as the most humanist but ; all of them are really awful deceases to decease. On January 1st

2001 there were about 3. 700 inmates on decease row. The mean cost to seek the decease punishment is $ 218. 112 and that is added to the entire cost of the instance. U. S. is

the leader in killing childs worldwide. We have sentenced 160 kids to decease since 1973. There is non truly an official age at which you can condemn a kid to the decease punishment. Mississippi sought the decease punishment in 1996 for childs of the age of 13.

Most childs sent to decease row are colored and stats show that two out of three childs sent to decease row are kids of colour. Besides. about 90 % of people put to decease for perpetrating a offense were convicted of slaying Whites but. about half of all homicide victims in the U. S. are colored. It is so bad in Maryland that if you kill a white individual you are seven times more likely to acquire the decease sentence than if you murder a coloured individual. About 90 % of the people that the U. S. Government prosecuting officers tried and execute are Black or Latino. Many people that seek the decease punishment merely want it for people that are non white.

Another major job with the system is that even if you are guiltless you have a high opportunity of being put on decease row. Around 23 guiltless people have been sentenced to decease row and have been executed for offenses they did non perpetrate this century. More than 69 people have been released from decease row since 1972 for being wrongly convicted. That is more than one guiltless individual for every

100 inmates on decease row. One illustration of misguided guilt was of Robert Nelson Drew who was executed even after another adult male confessed to the slaying.

A few states other than the U. S. show that we don’t execute people that bad. Travel unrecorded in Afghanistan they will lapidate you to decease or possibly travel to Sudan where

you can be stoned or crucified and other states even behead you. Another bad thing about the decease punishment is that in Florida each of the provinces executings cost $ 3. 2 million and life inprison merely cost $ 600. 000. Spending our taxpayer’s money on the decease punishment takes off from more of import material for illustration look intoing drug offenses. domestic force. and child maltreatment. If we did non hold the decease punishment we could hold better instruction and rehabilitation.

Around five old ages ago many Americans to a great extent supported the decease punishment and around 80 % of Americans favored put to deathing convicted slayings. Harmonizing to the polls now it is at 66 per centum that is a major bead. In 10 or twenty old ages will we even have the decease punishment? Now for the first clip for a really long clip people can debate whether we should hold the decease punishment or non. Governor George Ryan of Illinois started up the train to debate the decease punishment and has it traveling. Many provinces in the U. S. are looking over the decease punishment in their province.

In the 1990’s the decease punishment was the chief thing to make to acquire tough on offense motion. In the ’90’s the decease punishment has seen the toughest addition in decease

row inmates. With President Clinton in office he expanded the federal decease punishment to extra 60 more offenses.

Now I come to my decision many people have dissensions on the decease punishment but cipher will alter my determination. If you look at the facts the decease punishment has some major ballups. Cipher is traveling to be able to rectify those to the full

and the lone manner to halt the ballups is to get rid of the decease punishment. Many guiltless people are killed and a batch of jurymans are racialist and justice the offense poorly. Almost half of the states in the universe have abolished it why shouldn’t we.

What if you were wrongly accused of perpetrating a offense and were put to decease would justice hold been served I think non. Make you see why it should be abolished? Possibly some twenty-four hours you will process against the decease punishment even if you don’t merely delight make non back up it. Thank you for your clip and I hope you learned a batch about the decease punishment.

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