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Presents most of pupils after graduating high school start to believe and deduce which college or university will offer instruction and low-cost tuition. Some future pupils decide on its prestigiousness. good known pupil life. or the distance from place to school. When I graduated from high school. I had to make up one’s mind stay in my native state and survey at the university or come over to the United States of America. I chose being in the USA and survey at Lone Star College for many grounds. First ground why I chose to go to this college is the alone distance. I would state I drive from my house to school about for 3 proceedingss or even can take a walk for 10 proceedingss.

That is astonishing when you get to school in a twosome proceedingss and you do non hold to lodge in lasting heavy traffic in the forenoon or afternoon. When school is near to the house. pupils will non hold jobs with attending. Another ground was improbably low tuition fee because it is pretty minor for international pupils. Even when pupil has fiscal jobs. this college has all fiscal aid. For case. scholarships and loans are available for pupils. All these fiscal aid open doors for every pupil who is interested in being educated.

Finally I chose this college because all my major categories are in one campus. My prospective major is crude oil technology. so I spend tonss of clip in the library perusal math and other topics. I am really lucky that I do non necessitate to blow my cherished clip being stuck in traffic before I get from one campus to another. Lone Star College is the best community college and I suggest for future pupils choose really carefully their colleges or universities. There are tonss of colleges with their alone instructors and pupils and it is non easy to do a determination.

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