United States and Stand

Taking a stand is an interesting type of essay writing, but it’s suitable for persuasion. Taking a stand is standing for your right, or something that you believe is right-Len other words having courage. Anyone can have courage, those who lack courage can exercise it. How? Well if they believe In something that’s true and right let those who think otherwise know, let them hear your opinions, they’ll reconsider their feelings and thoughts. As the musician Bob Marled would say “get up, stand up…. Stand up for your right. ”

Taking a stand, is fighting for your pollens to be heard about something that others lack understanding In. The way that the U. S came about, was from those who fight for It. We as In The united states build up courage and came together to fight for what’s right. Take Martin Luther King Jar, he had courage to give blacks the same rights that the whites do. Everything and anything we do, we took a stand for it. So make sure you fight the good fight. What would happen if no one stood up for what’s is right? Well there wouldn’t be any changes and everything would be dull and the same.

How can taking a stand build humanity? Well it allows every voice to be heard and every action will be counted for. Let’s make this a priority. We can do so much when we practice this attribute to build and have courage. Taking a stand takes guts and it also has a lot to do with character. Lets stand up today so tomorrow we will be prepared. In conclusion, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Taking a stand shows the world who we are. Standing for something shows that you’re capable of anything. ;get up, stand up get up for your right, get up stand up don’t give up the fight. ”