Unite 2D – Chemistry Flashcard


  • 2 or more forms of an element that have difference physical or chemical properties
  • two forms must be in same state of matter
  • diff. properties caused by dif arrangements of atoms 

Modifying Properties

Can be modified by synthesizing material with other elements or compounds at molecular level


  • Solid combo of 2 or more metal elements
  • considered a solid solution
  • one way of modifying properties of an element

Brass Alloy
Copper and Zinc
Bronze Alloy
Copper, tin, and zinc
Steel Alloy
Iron and Carbon
14 Carrot Gold
Gold, Copper, and Silver
White Gold
Gold and Palladium

  • elements that are less conductive than metals but still have some conductive properties
  • silicon, geranium, tine, gallium arsenide, cadmium sulfide
  • silicon=most common semiconductor, found in most electronics


adding impurities to pure forms of semiconductors in order to increase their conductive properties



  • paints, varnishes, and shellacs
  • applied late in manufacturing process
  • 3 components: pigment, solvent, and resin




  • used in coatings
  • provides color



  • used in coating
  • allows application in liquid form


  • provides the desirable protective properties
  • used in coating

Powder Coating

  • newest form of coating technology
  • solvent removed and pigment and resin are applied in powder form using spray guns and electricity


  • uses direct current electricity to cause REDOX reaction
  • used to coat surface of material using chem bonds
  • generally known as electroplating
  • ex: steal chrome on cars

Thin Films

  • distinguished by very small thickness on a surface
  • may only be 1 0r 2 atoms/molecules thick
  • used in optic and electronic applications
  • ex: UV protective film


  • a conductor through which electricity enters/leaves and object, substance, or region


  • The location at which oxidation is occurring
  • known as positive electrode


  • location at which reduction is occurring
  • known as negative electrode

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