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However, knowledge should lead to wisdom. You might ask if there is a difference between the two. Knowledge is information gained by study or experience. A person who knows is aware of or familiar with something. On the other hand, Wisdom is the quality or state of being wise. A person who is wise shows good judgment. This module will help you find knowledge yourself and acquire wisdom in the process.

Objectives It’s a great way to think that after studying and working on all activities in this module, you will be able to: note details scan for specific information distinguish fact from fiction, opinion, and propaganda give the synonyms of words use expressions that signal opinion use S-LB-C and S-TV-DO patterns Of sentences state facts and opinions SE two-word verbs with “put” write a reflective journal based on learning experiences instructions 1 . Do not write anything on this module as several students will be using it. Do all your work in your notebook.

Be sure to label your work by the module number and title. Keep a separate notebook for your Reflective Journal. 2. Read each section carefully. If you have not read the first two sections, go over them first. 3. Each module begins with a brief introduction or Overview followed by a list of Objectives you are expected to learn. 4. Before working on the activities, answer the Pretest first. Find out how well you did by checking your answers against the answers given under the Self- check of the pretest. 5. As you work on the activities, try to relate them to the objectives of this module.

What skill or strategy does the activity develop? 6. After each activity go over the Self-check that follows to find out how well you fared in that activity. Pay attention to the items you missed. Learn from your mistakes. 7. After working on all the activities take the Posters. Pretest I. Reading and Vocabulary Here is an excerpt from an inspirational speech delivered by a successful errors to students on the topic “Knowledge Is Wisdom and Wisdom Is Wealth. ” 2 Read the excerpt below. Choose the letter of the correct answer to each question. ) I think that you probably never met a know-it-all who really knows it all. 2) One person can’t know or notice everything. 3) Sometimes, it takes another person to help you improve your knowledge of yourself and the world. 4) Equally, you also put your best foot Fontana for others to attain knowledge. 5) believe that the most important thing is sharing ideas with others–as enriched knowledge. 6) Remember to keep an open mind in the process. ) Think about what others know and say before you help by putting across what you know. 8) This shows that their knowledge is as important to you as your own. ) This is, exactly, shared wisdom. 10) Eventually, it grows, develops and bears fruits like that of a tree. 1 1) Hence, knowledge gives wealth. 1. Which sentence best expresses the main point of the speaker? A. 3 d. 11 2. Which sentence best supports the main point? D. 10 3. What is the most important thing according to the speaker? A. Improving your knowledge profusely c. Sharing ideas with others b. Knowing everything d. Sharing wealth . What does the speaker suggest before you share what you know? A. Think about what others know c. Think about yourself b.

Think about what others say d. Both a and b 5. To what does the word it in Sentence 10 refer ? A. Mind b. Process c. Tree d. Wisdom 6. Which sentence is more of a statement of fact rather than an opinion? A. 2 7. What expression signals opinion ? A. Equally b. Eventually c. I believe d. The fact that 8. As used in Sentence 5, what does the word “enriched” mean? A. Acquired b. Controlled c. Developed d. Hidden 9. Which expression means to understand, accept and share knowledge longingly? A. Keep an open mind c. Put across what you know b. Know-it-all d. Payout best foot forward 10.

What does the idiomatic expression “put your best foot forward” mean? A. Move your right foot forward b. Give your best in everything you do c. Use the best foot powder d. Wear the best pair Of shoes 3 II. Critical Thinking Read each sentence carefully. Determine if the statement is based on Fact, Fiction, Propaganda or Opinion. Write the complete word or label. 2. 3. 4. Believe that knowledge is the key to success. The newspaper gives up-to-date news here and abroad. Join our company and be a millionaire in a few months. Standing right before him was a huge bird with colorful feathers.

It lowered its body and told him to mount. II. Grammar Choose the word that best completes each statement to complete the paragraph. Use the word pool below. It is to separate wisdom, common sense and sound judgment. In many respects we (2) with the same concept. They (3) evidences that show where a person puts his knowledge. Any situation requires _(4) and judgment. Most likely a wise person stands out because he (5) sound judgment. Difficult deal wisdom shows Check your answers using the key to correction below. Self-check . Reading and Vocabulary 10. (Sentence 11 clearly expresses the main point of the speaker. ) (Sentence 10 best supports the main idea. ) (Sharing ideas with others is the most important thing. ) (Thinking about what others know and say is what the speaker suggested. ) (wisdom. ) Sentence 2 states a fact. (Sentence 4, 5 and 7 express opinion. ) (l believe signals an opinion. ) (developed). (To keep an open mind means to understand and accept other’s ideas. ) (The expression means giving your best in whatever you do. ) 4 Critical Thinking Opinion Fact Propaganda Fiction Check your answers against these: 1. Official an adjective that completes the meaning of the verb “is. ” 2. Deal a transitive verb that suggests the action of the subject ‘We. ” 3. Are a verb that links the subject “they’ to the rest of the words in the predicate. 4. Wisdom a noun that completes the meaning of the verb “requires. ” 5. Shows a transitive verb that indicates action performed by the doer “he. ” Let’s say you were successful in giving the right answers to the pretest and you want to remember them. You may go back and read them over a few mimes. Now, you are ready to try some activities to make this module work well for you.

Reading Adventure Pre-reading Are you familiar with King Solomon from the Old Testament of the Bible? What is he known for? If you answered “Wisdom”, you’re right. Solomon was a king of Israel who ruled his kingdom wisely. You may want to refer to the Bible to read his story. 5 While Reading While you read, find out how the king in the story is similar to King Solomon. Allah’s Hand The Pithead, a powerful sultan of Persia, was terribly sick and not one of his court physicians could tell what was ailing him. Orders were sent throughout the sultanate offering a prize to whoever would be able to discover his ailment and cure it.

Finally the news reached a wandering Greek wizard, who made his way to the palace. After a thorough examination he declared that the Sultan was indeed a very sick man. What he needed was the blood of a brave and intelligent boy in his early teens. This boy must be an only child of parents who were in their sixties. Since this medicine called for the sacrifice of such a young boy, the Pithead ordered his judge, the Quad to issue an order to allow such killing to take place. The order was even and the great sword of the palace executioner was sharpened for the event.

On the day of the execution, the young boy was brought to the market square. A big crowd gathered in the public place. Some wept with pity for such a brave and intelligent boy about to lose his life. A few were envious for the riches that the boys parents stood to gain at his death. The ruler was brought out on a jeweled couch. He was surrounded by his doctors. Back of the royal group came the parents whose faces were covered as if in shame. As the boy knelt and put his head on the block, the Sultan saw him raise his eyes vineyards and smiled.

The ruler stopped the executioner whose sword was already in midair. “Why did you look up and smile, Boy? ‘ the Sultan asked in wonder. The boy answered, “At this moment, only Allah, the Most High, can save me from death. You, Oh Pithead, believe that I am the only cure to your illness. How can I cry to you to save me? The Quad is supposed to be the symbol of justice but he issued a decree for my execution. The very parents in whom I entrusted my safety have willingly exchanged my life for the trash Of this world. Now, do you wonder why I looked up and smiled?

Isn’t Allah, the Most High, the only refuge for me at this moment? Upon hearing these brave words the Sultan felt ashamed of himself and, with tears in his eyes, he stood up to the surprise of his doctors and went to the boy. He kissed the boys head and eyes and said, “Go, brave youth, give you your life. It is better for me to die than to shed the blood of such a courageous and bright boy like you. ” The parents flung themselves on their son and begged for forgiveness. That day there was rejoicing in the whole sultanate. The young boy and his parents were invited to live in the palace.

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