Unit 8 Redox Flashcard

What particles are transferred in redox?
What is oxidation?
when a substance loses electrons
What is reduction?
when a substance gains electrons
Where does oxidation occur?
Where does reduction occur?
What is the oxidation number?
a possible charge the atom could have
In terms of energy transfer, what does a voltaic cell do?
convert chemical energy to electrical energy
In terms of ions, what does a salt bridge do?
allows ions to flow to the anode and cathode so charge does not build up
In an oxidation half-reaction, where are the electrons?
product side
In an reduction half-reaction, where are the electrons?
reactant side
What does LEO GER help us remember?
lose electrons oxidation
gain electrons reduction
What does AN OX and RED CAT help us remember?
anode oxidation
reduction cathode
How do electrons flow in a cell?
from anode to cathode
How is an electrolytic cell different from a voltaic cell?
Voltaic cells have salt bridges, and electrolytic cells require a power source like a battery.
In terms of energy transfer, what does an electrolytic cell do?
convert electrical energy to chemical energy
What are two examples of electrolytic cells?
plating expensive metals onto cheap metals
electrolysis of water
How can you identify that a reaction is a redox reaction?
change in oxidation number
also, all single replacement and combustion are redox
What must be equal in all redox reactions?
electrons lost must equal electrons gained

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