Unit 7- Excelsior Flashcard

Archenius acids yield?
Archenius bases yield?
Hydrogen Atoms
Hydroxide Ions
Bronsted-Lowry base is a donor or an acceptor?
A subject that can act as both an acid and base?
Propeties of an acid?
Taste sour and will change color of an Acid-Base indicator.
Properties of a base?
Tastes bitter and feels slippery.
A water molecule that gains a hydrogen ion…
Hydronium Ion H(3)O+
The concentration of ions in pure water at 25’C is?
1 x 10(-7)
Describe the PH scale.
1-7:Base. 7-14: Acid. 7 is Neutral.
The ion-product constant for water is?
1.0 x 10(-14)
Basic Solution?
Solution which [H+] is less than [OH-]
A strong acid has a much ____ Ka than a weak acid.
The Ka of an acid is determined by?
PH value.
Hydrochloric and Sulfuric acids are weak or strong?
Magnesium Hydroxide is an acid or base?
Concentration in a solution does not affect whether an acid or base is…
strong or weak.
Base dissociation constant (Kb)
ratio of concentration of conjugate acid (times) concentration of hydroxide ions to the concentration of conjugate base.
1 x 10(-2) Acidic, Basic, or Nuetral?
The standard hydrogen ion is written as?
With solutions of strong acids and strong bases the word “strong” refers to?
degree of ionization.
When hydrogen ioons react with hydroxide ions to produce water, the reaction is called?
Neutralization. Remeber this is usually carried out by Titration!
The end point in a titration is?
The point at which the solution is nuetral.
Complete and balancec this equation. H3PO4 + Al(OH)3
H3PO4 + AL(OH)3 –> AlPO4 + 3H2O
Complete and balance this equation.
HI + Ca(OH)2
2HI + Ca(OH)2 –> CaI2 + 2H2O
Salt can be nuetral, acidic, and basic?
Solutions that resist changes in PH are called ____ solutions.
The Buffer Capacity is?
the amount ofr acid or base that can be added to a buffer without changing the PH level.
NH4CL is the ____ produced by the titration of ammonia with hydrochlroic acid.
Salt (NA usually means it is salt.)
LEO the lion says GER! =^.^=
LEO. Loss of Electrons = Oxidation.
GER. Gain of Electrons = Reduction.
Oxidizing agent?
The substance that does the oxidizing is reduced.
Reducing agent?
The substance that does the reducing is Oxidized.
A chemical change in which oxygen reacts with another substance, often producing energy in the form of heat and light?
Combustion. Keywords: heat and light.
Oxidation of metals to metallic ions by oxygen and water in the enviorment?
Corrosion. Keywords: Oxygen and Water.
What is the difference between Zinc and Gold?
Zinc- loses electrons easily. Gold- resists corrosion.
Describe the properties of Oxidation.
LOSS of electrons, Shift of electrons AWAY from a covalent bond, GAIN of oxygen, LOSS of hydrogen, INCREASE in oxidation number.
Desribe the properties of Reduction.
GAIN of electrons, Shift of electrons TOWARD a covalent bond, LOSS of oxygen, GAIN of hydrogen, DECREASE in oxidation number.
Carbon Compounds
Called organic chemistry, things that contain carbon and hydrogen are hydrocarbons, carbon always forms 4 covalent bonds.
Hydrocarbons that contain only single covalent bonds?
Alkenes are ______ hydrocarbons.
Unsaturated, they contain one more carbon-carbon double bonds.
Alkynes are also unsaturated they contain carbon-carbon _____ bonds.
Isomers have the same ______ formula but different molecular _____.
Molecular, structures.

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