unit 7 study guide- US History

william jennings bryan
a dominant force in the populisy wing of the democratic party
Clarence Darrow
leading member of the American civil liberties union
zora weakened hurtson
African American novelist. floklorist an anthropologist known for her novel their eyes were watching God
red scare
emotion of fear of potential rise of communism or radical leftism
black tuesday
when panicked sellers traded nearly 16,000,000 shares on the New York Stock Exchange
woody guthrie
American singer songwriter and musician whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political traditional and children songs
TN valley authority
I federally owned corporation in the US created by Congressional charter
A shantytown built by unemployed and destitute people during the depression of the early 1930s
A form of religion especially Islam or Protestant Christianity that upholds belief in the strict literal and interpretation of Scripture
hundred days
called by Franklin Delano Roosevelt which important social legislation was in acted
The policy of the interest of native born or established in habitants against those of immigrants
New deal
A group of government programs and policies established under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The amount by which something especially a sum of money is too small
dorothea lange
American documentary photograph or in photojournalist best known for her depression era work
Charles Lindbergh
an American aviator author inventor military officer explore and social activist
Amelia earhart
American aviator an author first female to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean
what are installment payments
installment payments is paying for an item over a period of time or with a sense of small payments
what is the red scare
The red scare was the widespread fear of communism
Who is John L Lewis and what was his role in the CIO and mine workers
and American labor leader president of the United mine workers and founder of the Congress of industrial organization he helped with labor victims
what was the significance of ford motor company on American history
it’s use of the assembly lines and now working conditions made the industry a rapidly grow
what was life like for farmers during the thriving 20s
not good people needed food in war war one then they got food so this lead to farmers over growing crops
describe why laborers were not successful striking after World War I opposed to during the war
during the war they needed the workers and didn’t have time
what is nativism and what it caused in American culture
cause people to be afraid of immigration and be racist towards them
explain what the uneven distribution of wealth was a sign of in the 1920s
hey signed that people on the top had way more money than they needed
explain president Harding’s campaign slogan
less government and business more business and government he believed that government was taking over businesses
be able to tell what fundamentalism is and why it started and what conflicts it led to
A strict inspector of the Bible and lead to bands like prohibitation science versus religion
be able to tell what disaster John Steinbeck’s the grapes of wrath portrays
it explains the hard times during the great great depression and the dust bowl
Be able to name some of the influence performers at the Harlem Renaissance
Paul Robinson actor Louis Armstrong a jazz performer and Bessie Smith a blue singer
describe what prohibition is
ban on the production selling and consumption of all alcohol
describe how social and economic changes affected women in 1920s
Woman started to get more of a political and social voice
explain the great migration and it’s effects
migration of African-Americans out of the south and moved to the north
be able to tell you effects of the radio
allowed news to be spread around the world instantly
describe buying on margin and why that was your skin ultimately hit those hardest during the crash
using money you didn’t have to buy stocks your money could disappear barring money from a stock broker
be able to tell how the stock market crash affected Europe
started a decrease in world trade
describe what Hoover’s Reconstruction finance Corporation was and why people didn’t support it
Led to a global economic failure
understand Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s beliefs about government
he believes in direct relief
be able to tell the new deal strengths and weaknesses
provided jobs for the people that didn’t have long-term support did not recover depressed economy
describe the role Eleanor Roosevelt played as first lady
she acted as Franklin Delano Roosevelt eyes and ears and made a reform movements that are still used today
be able to tell when many African Americans switched political parties
because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his efforts to help African-American causes
understand what the WPA did
employed millions of unemployed to help out public work projects