unit 7 flash cards

Category of government which a single party or leader controls the economic social and cultural lives of its people

Prejudiced against Jewish people

Policy of granting concessions in order to keep the peace

Union of Germany and Austria in 1933

Lighting war that emphasized the use of speed and fire power to penetrate deep into the enemy’s territory

Geneva Convention
International agreement governing the humane treatment of wounded solders and prisoners of war

Unconditional surrender
Giving up completely with out any concessions

Allow each person to have only a fixed amount of a particular

The burial of a corpse in a grave or tomb,typically with funeral rites

A Japanese aircraft loaded with with explosives and making a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy

Destruction or slaughter on mas scale especially cause by fire or nuclear war

The deliberate killing of a large group of people of people especially those of a particular ethics group or nation

Island hopping
Travel from one island to another

Manhattan project
Was a research and development project that produced he first atomic bombs

Franklin d roosvelt
Was an American states man and political leader what served as the 32nd president of the United states

Harry Truman
Was the 32nd president of the United states as the final running mate of president Franklin d Roosevelt in 1944

Dwight d Eisenhower
Was the 34th president of the United states from 1953 until 1961 the was a 5 star General in the United states army

Douglas MacArthur
Was an American five-star General and field marshal of the Philippine Armey he was chief of staff of the United states army during th 1930.

Chester Nimitz
Was a fleet of the United states navy he played a major role in the navel of world war 2 as commander in chief

George S. patton
Was a United states army General best known for his flamboyant character and his command of the seventh United states army and later the third United states army

Charles de Gaulle
Was a French General resistant written and the state’s man he was leader of free France and the head of the provisional government of the French republic

Neville chamberlain
Was a British conservative politician who servers as prime minister of the United kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940

Joseph Stalin
Was the leader of the Soviet union from the 32nd 1920s until his death in 1953

Adolf Hitler
Was an Austrian born German who controlled the Nazi party and dictator of Germany

Benito Mussolini
Was an Italian politician and leader of the national fascist party ruling the country as prime minister from 1922

Hideki tojo
Was a general of the imperial Japanese army leader of the imperial rule assistance association and the 40 crime minister of Japan during most of world war 2

J robertoppenheirner
We an American theoretical physicist the professed of physics at the university of California Berkeley

Winston Churchill
Was a British politician who was the crime minister of the United kingdom from 1940 1945

Why was the intervention such a dad idea
Is made it so Yugoslavia could not discuss their own country

Who was the leader of the NAZI party
Adolf Hitler

What was the name of the organization that blamed the jew

What we’re the courses of well and how do they compare to the causes of ww2
The treaty of versatile blamed every thing on Germany and that did not make them happy

What events/factors helped dictators rise to powers
Treaty of versailles, economic depression

What is the differenceMichael
He gave the list to people that’s

What event started the war in Europe?
MilMilitarism, controlling

Why did Japan attack pearl harbor
They attacked to weaken the United states

Why did Japan risk attacking the American navy pearl harbor
To take over country’s that have natural resources

What did Japan fail to do make their attack more effective
What did not send their 3 waves at the base

How did the attack change American Isolationism
It made Americans want war because many family members were killed there

How did American respond to the attack on pearl harbor
They wanted war so it happens and that means that America is at war with germany

What effect did American production of goods and supplies have domestically
It’s made it so America had more allies

What event took place at Versailles in 1919
Japan attacked pearl harbor

Why did Woodrow Wilson push the league of nations
For future war could be settled easyer

Why didn’t the United states join the league
Because it made them look weak if they did

Why we’re some Japanese leaders resentful of peace at versailles
They were supisisuse with the United states not joining

What country did Japan invade in the 1930

The United states supported China why didn’t the United states go to war sooner against Japan
Going to war with Japan means going to war with Germany and Italy

How many years was it between Japan’s attack on China and pearl harbor
4 years

What is the new order that Japan announced in 1938
Japan wanted to have a communist empire

Heading from this timeline why did you think Japan attacked pearl harbor
The United states made Japan look weak

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